Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

I got this picture from the net. So whoever I took it from, thanks ya

Finally, the much awaited long weekend I`ve be dreading for weeks. It`s been hell for the past month, and probably the same after I get back to Malacca. But for now, it`s peace.

I`ve not been able to update this blog because I was rushing so badly yesterday. I had to come up with RM 13200 within 12 hours, send it over to Assumptions University before the bank closes that day, and rush back to Kajang to go out with my friends back there (oooo. i have friends.. wow).

Good thing is I did manage to get the RM 13200 (though legitimate means ok!! I didn`t rob the bank, I wish I did), and got back to Kajang in time for dinner and fireworks. Only thing is I missed my entire days of class. And I got stuck in a jam pretty much the ENTIRE Day, (till 2.30am)


Now, what do 50 years of Independences means to us? or me particularly. I wouldn`t say that I`m very patriotic. In fact, I find myself less attached to Malaysia compared to a few years ago. The big question is, can this really be a place we call home?

People are dying to get out of Malaysia asap. I on the other hand, refuse to go overseas when choosing whether to study locally or abroad. Cuz, I feel, regardless how unfair it may be, regardless on the issues we have.... we still grow up here, breath the Malaysian air, ate Malaysian food, and live among Malaysian people. And that in essence, makes us Malaysian.

Happy Birthday Malaysia...

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