Genting- City of Entertainent, that`s not so entertaining.

*I left my card reader at Malacca, so there won`t be any pictures from my blog for the moment.

After 3 days two night at Genting, I`m back at Kajang. I will summarize the trip in 2 words;

eat and sleep.

It`s quite boring there if you choose not to go to the theme park, or the casino. Everyone walk their separate ways except during meal times and the pool games after that. The club, Safari, was utterly disappointing. I`ll quote QJ, ' the whole dance floor is filled with MIDDLE-age, MIDDLE-Eastern MAN. '

And at one time, I thought I was in a club in India. Not to mention, the specialty, 'the Genting Special' drink sucks. It tasted like medicine. Ew. Waste of RM 25.

Karaoke was probably the only thing that`s worth mentioning here. Pay for your meal, and you`ll get the karaoke room for free. Thought I ordered an overprice Nasi Lemak for RM 10, it`s a good bargain. There were funny moment during the session, like when Alex (that Alex) sang a song, (when no one even heard of the title).... we went into a jiwang atmosphere and started a wave with handphone lights.

That was pretty much it. I finish the new arcade game, Ghost Square using 5 credits (that RM 15), and ate at this super expensive buffet that cost 60 ringgit per person.

Maybe I should really try the casino the next time I go back there.


Anonymous 7:59 PM  

oiks, fyi, u need to b 21 1st?

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