Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

I got this picture from the net. So whoever I took it from, thanks ya

Finally, the much awaited long weekend I`ve be dreading for weeks. It`s been hell for the past month, and probably the same after I get back to Malacca. But for now, it`s peace.

I`ve not been able to update this blog because I was rushing so badly yesterday. I had to come up with RM 13200 within 12 hours, send it over to Assumptions University before the bank closes that day, and rush back to Kajang to go out with my friends back there (oooo. i have friends.. wow).

Good thing is I did manage to get the RM 13200 (though legitimate means ok!! I didn`t rob the bank, I wish I did), and got back to Kajang in time for dinner and fireworks. Only thing is I missed my entire days of class. And I got stuck in a jam pretty much the ENTIRE Day, (till 2.30am)


Now, what do 50 years of Independences means to us? or me particularly. I wouldn`t say that I`m very patriotic. In fact, I find myself less attached to Malaysia compared to a few years ago. The big question is, can this really be a place we call home?

People are dying to get out of Malaysia asap. I on the other hand, refuse to go overseas when choosing whether to study locally or abroad. Cuz, I feel, regardless how unfair it may be, regardless on the issues we have.... we still grow up here, breath the Malaysian air, ate Malaysian food, and live among Malaysian people. And that in essence, makes us Malaysian.

Happy Birthday Malaysia...

My first post without a title. Kinda reflect the feeling I`m having now. Empty. No, I`m not upset, nor frustrated. Its more like I just resign to the fact that life`s like that. Let it be.

I finished the assignment involving all the Ahmads. 28 pages in total, and I`ve rarely spent so much time on a single assignment before. Took me more than 10 hours in total.

I just had my last midterm paper. It wasn`t as hard as I`ve expected. Though I cannot forgive myself for making silly mistakes just because I thought I remembered what I read 3 days ago.

On the other hand, I`m quite relieved that I didn`t do that badly in Applied Dynamics after all. 12.5/15. Not that good, but it`s not all that bad.

I wanted to blog about a lot of stuff. About the cyber-pre sale last week. About the debate camp. About the partying at Pure Bar...... though, I don`t know why I can`t find the energy to type.

Maybe tomorrow. Friday`s holiday. I hope the thought of a nice weekend will keep me up and running.

In loving memories

My cat died today. It was behaving very oddly yesterday. And suddenly all I saw, is him, lying motionless.

I wont even talk about what my suayness got to do with this. I`m just sick and tired of it.

I miss the cat already. come back :(


some good things....

my laptop`s back :)
I didn`t flung my last paper.
I finally met all the 'Ahmad's in my group!!!


Right now I`m a bit confused on what am I going to do tomorrow. It`s been quite some time since I have clashes like this. Extra class - debate camp - Robotics workshop - robotics meeting - Mircroprocessor group assignment discussion AND redoing all my assignment that were lost in that hard disk.

What should I do?


I just don`t get it. Why the more effort I put into a subject, the more badly I do in exams. It just doesn't make sense.

I couldn't finish my maths paper. MATHS!!!!!!!

life's not worth living.. faints

Music comedians

This is just too funny. Laugh my ass out..

must... stop...replaying....

Settlers of Catan - National Pre-Lims

*spider pig, spider pig,
does whatever a spider pig can....
-from the Simpsons-

Gah....It`s stuck in my head.... I even sings it subconsciously.

For no reason at all, I joined this the National Pre-Lims. Funny how they actually have world championship for such a simple game. It`s like having world championship for a Monopoly game.

Nevertheless, since I was free today (yea, at the expense of missing a debate tournament), I told QJ that I would be playing.

The first round wasn`t that nice of a game. I have one player randomly trades with anyone, one player who plays for the fun of it, one player plays to make sure I lose. I suppose any game will only be fun if people play to win. Just like Cho Tai Teem (big 2), if one player plays just to make another person win, it makes the game really mess up, and pisses everyone off. (But in that game, the one that does so will end up playing for everyone losses :P )

Anyway, I won the first game, narrowly. Proceeding to the finals, I went against Amran, Sujj and Alex Liew. I lost in this round. It`s one game that I couldn't complain, since the only thing that went against me was bad luck. I did whine after not getting any resources for the last 20 minutes of the game, till someone got annoyed and I quickly shut up.

It was a nice game though. A decent way to spend a weekend. If only there are no exams and assignments :)

Negarakuku by NameWEe


It`s been a week since this issue was brought up by the media. There were a lot of hoo-haa about it. Many things had happen since, from him being interview by Taiwan broadcaster, to our own cabinet rejecting his apology

Initially, I thought this was just another dumb chinese voicing out his dissatisfaction to the way things are running in this country. His songs doesn't hurt nor disgust me. If at all, I find it rather entertaining. (take away the lyrics, it was one hell of a good Negaraku)

But the closure that follows really freaks me out. Having debated internet censorship over and over again, I can easily recite the argument for side of the motion. Personally, I thought 50 years into the establishment of this country, people are very well, matured. And no way in hell, that a simple article, or a simple video would turn an average reasonable person to a racist.

I was so wrong. (unfortunately, there wasn`t many average reasonable person to begin with). Reading the comment by our very own people (and please!! I mean MALAYSIANS.. and not just Chinese) clearly shows how fragile our society actually is. Reading on gives me shivers. The only thing I get from there is Chinese flaming that the Malays are lazy pigs, and Malays saying Chinese should just go back to China, and a significant amount actually talk about killing all the Chinese.

Never before..... have I been so afraid to be a Malaysian... and to be at Malaysia.

Though one question rings, will they be any hope left, at all? The answer lies within this generation. True enough, those of the past, those who been true May 13, those who been true all the conflict, whether it`s the Chinese who had to contend with the Malay special privileges, or whether it`s the Malay who had to give up their lands and accept foreigners as citizens, we cannot expect those of the past to just accept everything.

But just like how that entrench hatred of the Chinese from my grandmother`s generation towards the Japanese, is now, no longer seen in our youth today.... we hope one day, all hatred and bias towards each races in Malaysia would be gone as well.

*Namewee, that was indeed a superb video. Though, if you ever get into trouble because of that, kinda serve you right. There are a certain leeway for making jokes but crossing the line of insulting other religion and race.... that`s one step too far.

mood swings

One moment, I`m sitting down, like any other day. Couple of seconds later, I went into a super depressed mode.

Little things started to irritate me. I became really impatient and I felt my level of tolerance is almost inexsitant anymore.

Maybe because I just failed my mid term, (yes I failed... happy?), maybe it`s becaused of the fact that I tried studying and still not able to do my papers..... I never experience a time when I put in effort and nothing comes out of it. At least not academically.

I felt like a secondary school boy again. Where I want to believe that I`ll suceed if I try....
Right now, all I feel like, is giving up.

Genting Pictures

My laptop is sent for warranty. The shopkeeper says I`ll be getting it back in a week or two. Luckly for me, I was an ass that bought a laptop even though I have a computer already. Though, being 'suay' as always, that broke down to. I got it fix and it cost me RM 131, (with an upgrade of 512 ram).

I don`t have much pictures from the last trip. Maybe because I got so bored of taking pictures, or maybe because it doesn`t look so cool to take from a handphone, so I didn`t.

I got a few more in my folder, but I`m kinda lazy. Still upset about all the horrible midterms I did. And I really couldn`t figure out what went wrong......

perhaps, I`m just stupid. That answers a lot...

Just great....

My laptop is dead. Perfect.. just perfect. At the very moment that I need to use my laptop the most. With all my assignments and reports due tomorrow, my laptop decide to crash.

I`m lost for words.....

Genting- City of Entertainent, that`s not so entertaining.

*I left my card reader at Malacca, so there won`t be any pictures from my blog for the moment.

After 3 days two night at Genting, I`m back at Kajang. I will summarize the trip in 2 words;

eat and sleep.

It`s quite boring there if you choose not to go to the theme park, or the casino. Everyone walk their separate ways except during meal times and the pool games after that. The club, Safari, was utterly disappointing. I`ll quote QJ, ' the whole dance floor is filled with MIDDLE-age, MIDDLE-Eastern MAN. '

And at one time, I thought I was in a club in India. Not to mention, the specialty, 'the Genting Special' drink sucks. It tasted like medicine. Ew. Waste of RM 25.

Karaoke was probably the only thing that`s worth mentioning here. Pay for your meal, and you`ll get the karaoke room for free. Thought I ordered an overprice Nasi Lemak for RM 10, it`s a good bargain. There were funny moment during the session, like when Alex (that Alex) sang a song, (when no one even heard of the title).... we went into a jiwang atmosphere and started a wave with handphone lights.

That was pretty much it. I finish the new arcade game, Ghost Square using 5 credits (that RM 15), and ate at this super expensive buffet that cost 60 ringgit per person.

Maybe I should really try the casino the next time I go back there.

Party, Tournament and Stranded

The past few days, if I were to describe it.... messed up. It wasn`t bad, just... I felt it was a little counter productive.

No. I didn`t sit like a couch potato in front of my pc watching Naruto. In fact, it was quite happening. And I really thought this weekend would be a perfect one.

Maybe because I was sick, with fever and headache. So I didn`t particularly enjoy myself at Dale`s bday party on Friday night. The food was good, and having skip lunch, I thought I`ll really enjoy them... turns out, that after not eating for more than 10 hours, stuffing a few sandwiches is all it takes to make you wanna throw up.

*and the Vodka`s not enough either.

I was extremely worn out by the time I got back around 3am, sick, tired, hungry but can`t eat... I couldn`t even stand straight. I land myself on my comfy bed, expecting to doze off in less than 10 seconds.

and so I wait.....

and counted sheeps...

1 hour

2 hour..

For some reason, I can`t sleep. I woke up, my head hurts, and I went to take a bath.

And I still can`t sleep. I was half conscience I suppose... I just lay down there and wait for time to pass.


shitt!!!. I thought I set my alarm at 7.00am. Checking again, I indeed set it.... at 7.00 pm.

Barely slept.. I took my 4th pill of panadol to suppress my headache. I felt bad because I yelled at everyone to be on time so we can leave for the debate tournament at Cyberjaya and not be late (like we always do).

*turns out only Jing En and Jeff was there and everyone else had a hangover. We left one hour late and the organizer were screaming at us for having to delay the tourney.

Debate was`nt that good either. I could barely speak English. I could blame it on my lack of sleep, or the being off colour (sick) but.. dude. That`s embarassing. I debated like it was my first time doing so.

It got progressively better after I took my 6th panadol.

The tournament ended so late, that we couldn`t get back to Malacca becaused bus tickets probably sold out. So we decided to crash at Ipbs place and party.. again. And it was Vodka... again...

And I took my 8th panadol... so that`s how I survived Satudary night.

Woke up on Sunday... Everyone else got a hangover... so no one bothered to move their ass till 6pm. At that time... Dale and Surfy dump me and left with in a Bangladeshi`s car. Knowing Pudu tickets would have sold out by know, and I won`t make it to Seremban for the last bus in time, I went for dinner instead.

My battery was out since the morning I came here yesterday because I forget to charge it. I had to exchange sim card on another guys phone and called Nick, for no reason at all. Well, not like he had anything to do to begin with. All he does since he started living in Cyberia 1 and a half week ago, is play RO.

Coincidentally, his dad called and wanted to pick him home just for the fun of it, and then send him back to Cyberia 3 hours later. (dude.. that`s too much man) So, I got a free ride to Kajang and that`s how I ended up at home now.

Which is bad, because Adelene is at my house in Malacca now, waiting for me to go back and accompany her to Genting tomorrow morning at 6am.

Though, somehow... arrangement are done and we`re still going Genting tomorrow. Only thing is, it`s 2am now, why am I not sleeping but typing a whole lot of bs here. And to be able to crap so much, while being sober... I`m one messed up person.


Now... for the longest time, having the name Alex does me more harm than good.

I always had to sit right in the front during exams.. with my face inches from the wall. That irritates the hell out of me.

I always get called first whenever I don`t want to.

Just as I thought it will not be any worst, my lecturer came up with this silly idea of having random grouping for an assignment. And by random..... he simply put 6 person in one group, in alphabetical order.

So..when he finally released our groups, everyone laugh at me. I wondered why, until I saw what was on the projector.

Group 1

1) Ahmad ....
2) Ahmad ....
3) Ahmad .....
4) Ahmed ...
5) Ahmed......
6) Alexander Loh Weng Keen.


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