Windows Vista is SSSOOOOOO cool.

I just installed Vista on my laptop. All of you who said my laptop can`t support vista... die!!! It`s been quite some time since Vista is released. I never really bothered because those people who said my laptop can`t support shatters my hope of ever using this OS.

The graphics is just amazing. It`s like the feeling one gets when they first upgrades windows 98 to windows XP. Though I`m having quite a hard time trying to adjust myself to the new GUIs. Like finding the refresh button of my browser. :P and I still can`t activate spell check in my microsoft word.

That aside, Vista is really nice. I don`t know why so many people advice me against it. Maybe because a lot of program can`t be run on vista. I dono.... but i`m loving it as of now. :)

*I`m addicted to pressing win+tab. For those who doesn`t know what it means, install vista and try pressing for yourself. :)

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