Voices Outing.

For the first time, this club actually planned an outing. It`s a vague attempt to trick the juniors into thinking that debate is not boring and it`s actually fun. :P (wait... it`s not tricking.. it is fun.. the non-debating part that is)

And so, we decided bowling. For no reason at all. And none of us can actually bowl (well).

That`s Chor Wai trying to convince the ball to let him strike. heee..

Ryan doing his Bangla dance, at the bowling alley.

Lastly, here comes the vodka, gin and rum. Someone mixed tomato juice, tobasco and vodka. I heard it`s called Bloody Mary. Apparently it didn`t turn out well. Reason : he poured the WHOLE tobasco sources in the bottle instead of a quarter.

It wasn`t as fun though. Because of one whole bottle of vodka wasted, everyone had less to drink. I only had 4 cups :( only 4 :(......... I`m going to open my own bottle of barcadi, and I`m not sharing with you guys. Blek.

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