Voices - the debating society of MMU Malacca

2 years into the establishment of this club. I was with Voices since my first year, the year which this club also first started.

With a whole bunch of juniors coming in, it gives quite a lot of encouragement for us to pour in more effort into the club. What`s the future of this club, we don`t know. Whether we will be one of the top debating institution in Malaysia, (or perhaps, the worlds), we won`t know either. But, for now, we`ll try to bring up as many people as we can, and enjoying ourselves at the same time.

*why are we working so hard to pass on our knowledge to juniors who doensn`t even care if the worlds ends tomorrow?

according to Jon, it`s somewhat a debt we`re paying to the university (for sponsoring us to tourneys).

That`s us, at Voices Malacca.

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