Uniten RobotGames 2007

Since 'suay' things happens to me SO often... I don`t think it`s even worth blogging about it. I`ll just put a foot note like.

* I nearly died because a car in front of me suddenly brake in the middle of a junction and the lorry behind nearly couldn't brake in time. (I know things like that going to come..sooner or later.)

*my robot spoil...even after nonstop of debugging for almost 2 days. Had not really slept since thursday...and at the point of tournament... we gave up on the circuits.


The tournament in Uniten was quite fun. I suppose all the hard work and effort (even though the robot didn`t work) makes you appreciate other people`s work. It`s really nice to see how some the strategy employed by the participants actually worked.

As for my story, the picture up there is what my robot ended up become. A desperate attempt to just fit every circuit, regardless whether it`s working or not, into the robot. RM 300 spent on this piece of junk, and all it can do, is spin around in circles.

This guy, is my senior. Among all of us, he`s probably the only one go home crying. He`s robot was one of the best among us, and easily the best in the tournament. In the semifinals, one of his power connection was loose, and the robot stop functioning in the middle of the match.

With just one simple wire, and all it takes it`s 1 minute and one screwdriver to tighten it up, he lost the prize of RM2000 and 3 Nokia n70. The grand prize went to another of my senior instead, though that robot was constantly defeated by this one. I wonder did some of my 'suay-ness' went to him as well........

I don`t even look normal after all this. Never sleep for nearly 40 hours, I can barely read anything. At one point, I even connected the microprocessor the other way round.

In the end, what I can say is that, it`s all part of the experience. It`s been really long since I engage with a project, and I sort of enjoy the whole process of not sleeping, going through all those jumper wires and programming. If only the robot works..........

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