Lost for words.

The days where parents promised to take you out to the park and then later totally forget about. I thought those days are over.

UiTM called us yesterday and just casually told us that our name were not in the list, because we haven`t clear the cheque to them. Ignoring the deal made earlier that we`ll reserve a place and pay on the day we arrive.

I`m a litte more angry than dissapointed as of this momment. Angry at UiTM for being such a bitch, angry at the person in charge of our own admistration for delaying the financial processes, and extremely pissed at all the procrastination of our own club in handling this whole fiasco.

And just like that....with the luaggage fully packed, exemption letters typed out, 7.5k cheque in my hand, I`m sitting at the library. Unable to do anything.

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