Losing your wallet is a pain in the ass.

Though I drop my wallet countless time, this is the first time, I`ve actually lost one. I was very fortunate to have my wallet return everytime I lose them but it seems the luck ran out.

Let`s look at the damage done. I`ve lost 100+ ringgit in cash, my identity card, my student card, driving license, 3 atm card.. (yes 3!!), bonus link, genting world card, loads of discount card, and contacts.

The experience was quite horirble. Losing all my cash, AND my atm card puts me in a perpertual cycle of poverty. Reapplying for a new IC cost RM 30, driving license, RM 20, RM 12 for an atm card each.

I was like, dude.. I just lost ALL my money, and I need money to apply for a new atm card which is my only source of getting the money.
I have to resort to borrowing money from a few friends of mine. (thanks Wilz, Jessie and Adelene).

All that aside, I was quite surprise that our new registration department is actually quite efficient. People can now apply their IC in a day. The entire procedure of reporting to the police, applying for ic and license takes less than 2 hours.Malaysia Boleh!!

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