Family Day

Jane forced me to join the Robotics Club family day.I was quite surprise that there actually so many committee members (approximately 30). Most of them are retiring anyways... so they wanted to get everyone together for one last time.

and they decided to play basketball, dodgeball and table tennis ALL within 3 hours!!!

Since I stop wushu and sports 4 months ago, I had never really work out. The sudden demand for stamina took a huge toll on me. I nearly fainted.

I started feeling giddy and wanted to throw up after my team advance to the finals for basketball. Not surprising, we got trampled over that game.

Table tennis was just as horrible....

But it was a good day though. Playing under the sun can be fun. I almost forget that.....


Anonymous 3:31 PM  

ALEX!! I didn't force u arrr!! n they r not retiring, most of them r new committees la!! only the judges r old ones.. *shakes head*

Alex 7:59 PM  

Eh... quite a number of them are delta year students.. they say it`s their final year in robotics leh.. going to retire la :P :P :P

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