No, no, not mine. It`s my sis`s I`m talking about.

*for the non-catholic, just think of it like a wedding, where instead of getting married, you
say 'I do' to become Christian (all over again).

So, the question comes, why am I blogging this when it`s not my confirmation. I would say, by being there that day, I reminds me of my confirmation. And with much confidence, I can say that that day is probably one of the best I had.

Innocent maybe, but it was a day without regret, guilt, sorrow and worries. If there`s one word to describe it, I think it would be, beautiful.

This is one of those time where everyone in the church wants to sing, because everyone is singing loudly. These people, of cuz, will try to sing the loudest, with weeks of torture during choir practice. I was singing with the church choir. With the use of microphones, I suppose we sort of drown their voices a little. :P pity.

That`s my sister. I need to stand one pew up just to make sure I`m taller than her in the picture. With that smile on her face, I suppose she`s really happy. Well, I think my whole family is.

In a way, I sort of miss the whole process. Those times where we go to church every single day for mass, made sure we celebrate everyone`s birthday, got together to decorate the church..... It`s been sometime since then, and I`ve not seen a few of my church mates for a long long time.

Here`s to the confirmation students 3 years ago.

(back row : Alex, Rueben. front row : Joan, Vivian, Elena)


Clairine 11:55 PM  

such a long time ago *sigh*

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