Chicken and beer.

I remember Logan promised that during Korea`s Pre- Asian, but we had neither chicken nor beer.

That aside, we suddenly organized a bbq yesterday because SPB guys accidentally bought non-halal chicken for their party. This results in 100 pieces of chicken stuffed in my fridge. So, it was like a chicken fiesta and all we had are nothing but chicken.

But it was really fun. 13 of us just sat by the fire, bbq and eating the chicken right after that.. we did that for about 3 hours. Just eating, chilling..

After all the clean ups, I became generous and start offering my remaining peach vodka. Needless to say, it`s gone in less than 5 minutes. I waited till everything`s over and open up the other bottles of alcohol.

Weng Chu and Chong got drunk after trying Rum, whisky, vodka and barcadi :P While it`s fun to see them getting all tipsy, it sucks when you`re not. What`s the point of drinking if you can`t get drunk right? you tell me. I need to restock....

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