Academic madness...

As stated previously, things are so bad that I almost got used to it.

What happens then, you tends to see things as funny.

Like how I screwed up my Maths test, and got the my lowest mark for Engineering Mathematics (again, yes I wrote the same thing last sem, meaning that I got even lower). Funny thing is a number of people I know, who barely pass their subjects scored nearly full marks.

So it`s really hard for me not to form conclusion like, the more they study, the better, the more I study, it`s the other way round.

That was hypotatically proven true when I spent a total of 15 hours studying Fluid dynamics over the weekends and I`m not sure if I got a single question right. One can argue, saying it`s Fluid.... but stilllll....

And it`s funny how I came out of the hall smiling, whereas I would normally find whine and sulk the whole night. Neither bothered about my horrible maths mark and my paper, I went to search a pirated ebook of the 7th Harry Potter and spent another 8 hours reading it.

My lecturer was giving funny ideas too. After fruitless attempt to prevent people from copying, he devise an idea. He`ll track those people that sits together, have the same marks, and got the same question wrong. Then he`ll check their academic records to see which of the two are actually the smart one and who copied.

He`ll proceed to ask the student to come to his office and answer the very same question which he got wrong in front of him. If this poor guy didn`t learn and couldn`t answer the question, actions will be taken......... like deducting his friend`s point instead. Lol

'trying to be hero and let your friend copy laa..... there you go" -Words from Dr. Gan during today`s lecture-

It`s probably a joke in the end, but at least, people get a good laugh... in a maths class.

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