Academic madness...

As stated previously, things are so bad that I almost got used to it.

What happens then, you tends to see things as funny.

Like how I screwed up my Maths test, and got the my lowest mark for Engineering Mathematics (again, yes I wrote the same thing last sem, meaning that I got even lower). Funny thing is a number of people I know, who barely pass their subjects scored nearly full marks.

So it`s really hard for me not to form conclusion like, the more they study, the better, the more I study, it`s the other way round.

That was hypotatically proven true when I spent a total of 15 hours studying Fluid dynamics over the weekends and I`m not sure if I got a single question right. One can argue, saying it`s Fluid.... but stilllll....

And it`s funny how I came out of the hall smiling, whereas I would normally find whine and sulk the whole night. Neither bothered about my horrible maths mark and my paper, I went to search a pirated ebook of the 7th Harry Potter and spent another 8 hours reading it.

My lecturer was giving funny ideas too. After fruitless attempt to prevent people from copying, he devise an idea. He`ll track those people that sits together, have the same marks, and got the same question wrong. Then he`ll check their academic records to see which of the two are actually the smart one and who copied.

He`ll proceed to ask the student to come to his office and answer the very same question which he got wrong in front of him. If this poor guy didn`t learn and couldn`t answer the question, actions will be taken......... like deducting his friend`s point instead. Lol

'trying to be hero and let your friend copy laa..... there you go" -Words from Dr. Gan during today`s lecture-

It`s probably a joke in the end, but at least, people get a good laugh... in a maths class.

Uniten RobotGames 2007

Since 'suay' things happens to me SO often... I don`t think it`s even worth blogging about it. I`ll just put a foot note like.

* I nearly died because a car in front of me suddenly brake in the middle of a junction and the lorry behind nearly couldn't brake in time. (I know things like that going to come..sooner or later.)

*my robot spoil...even after nonstop of debugging for almost 2 days. Had not really slept since thursday...and at the point of tournament... we gave up on the circuits.


The tournament in Uniten was quite fun. I suppose all the hard work and effort (even though the robot didn`t work) makes you appreciate other people`s work. It`s really nice to see how some the strategy employed by the participants actually worked.

As for my story, the picture up there is what my robot ended up become. A desperate attempt to just fit every circuit, regardless whether it`s working or not, into the robot. RM 300 spent on this piece of junk, and all it can do, is spin around in circles.

This guy, is my senior. Among all of us, he`s probably the only one go home crying. He`s robot was one of the best among us, and easily the best in the tournament. In the semifinals, one of his power connection was loose, and the robot stop functioning in the middle of the match.

With just one simple wire, and all it takes it`s 1 minute and one screwdriver to tighten it up, he lost the prize of RM2000 and 3 Nokia n70. The grand prize went to another of my senior instead, though that robot was constantly defeated by this one. I wonder did some of my 'suay-ness' went to him as well........

I don`t even look normal after all this. Never sleep for nearly 40 hours, I can barely read anything. At one point, I even connected the microprocessor the other way round.

In the end, what I can say is that, it`s all part of the experience. It`s been really long since I engage with a project, and I sort of enjoy the whole process of not sleeping, going through all those jumper wires and programming. If only the robot works..........

and things got worse.

An addition to my series of losing stuff, I lost my badminton racquet.

I went and play badminton yesterday, thinking sports could some stress out of me. When I unzip my bag, I was shock to see that the racquet inside was not mine. How it happens, I don`t know.

The racquet I took belonged to someone else. Upon being so preoccupied with finding my own racquet, I casually return his without saying sorry. He was somewhat pissed. Now, I`ve lost my racquet, and my courtesy.

Soon, really soon, everything will be stripe off me. Can`t I just lost myself instead?

Extreme frustration

It`s been raining for 4 days in a row.

I`ve slept throughout 4 hours of lecture.

I can`t do a single question in my fluid tutorial.

I had 30 questions to go for my assignment.

I have yet to complete my robot which is due in two days time.

I have no idea to do it even if I have the time.

I really feel like crying.

I am.

Chicken and beer.

I remember Logan promised that during Korea`s Pre- Asian, but we had neither chicken nor beer.

That aside, we suddenly organized a bbq yesterday because SPB guys accidentally bought non-halal chicken for their party. This results in 100 pieces of chicken stuffed in my fridge. So, it was like a chicken fiesta and all we had are nothing but chicken.

But it was really fun. 13 of us just sat by the fire, bbq and eating the chicken right after that.. we did that for about 3 hours. Just eating, chilling..

After all the clean ups, I became generous and start offering my remaining peach vodka. Needless to say, it`s gone in less than 5 minutes. I waited till everything`s over and open up the other bottles of alcohol.

Weng Chu and Chong got drunk after trying Rum, whisky, vodka and barcadi :P While it`s fun to see them getting all tipsy, it sucks when you`re not. What`s the point of drinking if you can`t get drunk right? you tell me. I need to restock....

I saw I saw a pussy cat....

Been really busy lately, especially with the Robotics competition just one week away. My robot nowhere near completion.

Anyway, one of my house mates found this deserted kitten. It was dying, so they took it back home.

It`s so cute and adorable. and it goes miow miow miow all day long..

I thought I was a dog person.. but it`s just too adorable..

Well... it`s not mine anyway. I`ll just go to my housemate`s room once a while and kacau the cat. :P


No, no, not mine. It`s my sis`s I`m talking about.

*for the non-catholic, just think of it like a wedding, where instead of getting married, you
say 'I do' to become Christian (all over again).

So, the question comes, why am I blogging this when it`s not my confirmation. I would say, by being there that day, I reminds me of my confirmation. And with much confidence, I can say that that day is probably one of the best I had.

Innocent maybe, but it was a day without regret, guilt, sorrow and worries. If there`s one word to describe it, I think it would be, beautiful.

This is one of those time where everyone in the church wants to sing, because everyone is singing loudly. These people, of cuz, will try to sing the loudest, with weeks of torture during choir practice. I was singing with the church choir. With the use of microphones, I suppose we sort of drown their voices a little. :P pity.

That`s my sister. I need to stand one pew up just to make sure I`m taller than her in the picture. With that smile on her face, I suppose she`s really happy. Well, I think my whole family is.

In a way, I sort of miss the whole process. Those times where we go to church every single day for mass, made sure we celebrate everyone`s birthday, got together to decorate the church..... It`s been sometime since then, and I`ve not seen a few of my church mates for a long long time.

Here`s to the confirmation students 3 years ago.

(back row : Alex, Rueben. front row : Joan, Vivian, Elena)

3 people, 2 celebration, one hell of a night.

I didn`t know that I had that many friends that born on the month of July. When I went back this weekend, 3 of them had a birthday celebration.

To : Faiz, (8th of July), Sze Ping (10th of July) and Wong (14th of July), I dedicate this entry to you guys :)

The first celebration was at Faiz`s house. Superb food, especially with the bbq. I got to say Faiz is a damm good bbq chef. Imagine grilling more than 30 piece of chicken almost perfectly. Not one of them was over or under cooked. (He say, it is the results from bbq every weekend at Perth).

That`s Faiz, Wong and Sze Ping. (Wendy`s holding the cake)

About 11.30 pm, we had to leave Faiz house to join the Kajang High School gang to celebrate Wong`s birthday. Location : Beach cafe.

We had to rush there by 12am because, the birthday boy will be treated a LARGE drink by the cafe. And by LARGE, it`s VERY LARGE.

Big enough for 6 person to sip it at one go, and take hours to finish that drink.

And surprisingly, even with a cyber cafe just 50 meters away, we didn`t play DotA that night. It was a night of unlimited supply of food, drinks and random chatting. Eh, I wish my birthday will be just a fun.... :P

Losing your wallet is a pain in the ass.

Though I drop my wallet countless time, this is the first time, I`ve actually lost one. I was very fortunate to have my wallet return everytime I lose them but it seems the luck ran out.

Let`s look at the damage done. I`ve lost 100+ ringgit in cash, my identity card, my student card, driving license, 3 atm card.. (yes 3!!), bonus link, genting world card, loads of discount card, and contacts.

The experience was quite horirble. Losing all my cash, AND my atm card puts me in a perpertual cycle of poverty. Reapplying for a new IC cost RM 30, driving license, RM 20, RM 12 for an atm card each.

I was like, dude.. I just lost ALL my money, and I need money to apply for a new atm card which is my only source of getting the money.
I have to resort to borrowing money from a few friends of mine. (thanks Wilz, Jessie and Adelene).

All that aside, I was quite surprise that our new registration department is actually quite efficient. People can now apply their IC in a day. The entire procedure of reporting to the police, applying for ic and license takes less than 2 hours.Malaysia Boleh!!

Voices Outing.

For the first time, this club actually planned an outing. It`s a vague attempt to trick the juniors into thinking that debate is not boring and it`s actually fun. :P (wait... it`s not tricking.. it is fun.. the non-debating part that is)

And so, we decided bowling. For no reason at all. And none of us can actually bowl (well).

That`s Chor Wai trying to convince the ball to let him strike. heee..

Ryan doing his Bangla dance, at the bowling alley.

Lastly, here comes the vodka, gin and rum. Someone mixed tomato juice, tobasco and vodka. I heard it`s called Bloody Mary. Apparently it didn`t turn out well. Reason : he poured the WHOLE tobasco sources in the bottle instead of a quarter.

It wasn`t as fun though. Because of one whole bottle of vodka wasted, everyone had less to drink. I only had 4 cups :( only 4 :(......... I`m going to open my own bottle of barcadi, and I`m not sharing with you guys. Blek.

Family Day

Jane forced me to join the Robotics Club family day.I was quite surprise that there actually so many committee members (approximately 30). Most of them are retiring anyways... so they wanted to get everyone together for one last time.

and they decided to play basketball, dodgeball and table tennis ALL within 3 hours!!!

Since I stop wushu and sports 4 months ago, I had never really work out. The sudden demand for stamina took a huge toll on me. I nearly fainted.

I started feeling giddy and wanted to throw up after my team advance to the finals for basketball. Not surprising, we got trampled over that game.

Table tennis was just as horrible....

But it was a good day though. Playing under the sun can be fun. I almost forget that.....

Behind the scene...

Commitees of the Robotics Clubs are usually quite busy. Especially when Sumo Robot tournament is just around the corner. Many are rushing through their robots, building structures, circuits...rectifying their sensors, programming....

My team meet up a couple of nights for this purpose. But most of the time, we got stuck in some process. So what we do instead....

went to club at Pure Bar. Initially, we wanted to go to Sunshine, but when we saw a Police truck out there, we quickly turn back.

We didn`t spend that much, because the 3 of us dranks a whole bottle of Calypso (Jamaican Rum) before we step into Pure.

They say that people usually go clubbing to celebrate. Guess what the excuse for our celebration?

It`s 070707 if you realised :P (7th of July 2007)

Windows Vista is SSSOOOOOO cool.

I just installed Vista on my laptop. All of you who said my laptop can`t support vista... die!!! It`s been quite some time since Vista is released. I never really bothered because those people who said my laptop can`t support shatters my hope of ever using this OS.

The graphics is just amazing. It`s like the feeling one gets when they first upgrades windows 98 to windows XP. Though I`m having quite a hard time trying to adjust myself to the new GUIs. Like finding the refresh button of my browser. :P and I still can`t activate spell check in my microsoft word.

That aside, Vista is really nice. I don`t know why so many people advice me against it. Maybe because a lot of program can`t be run on vista. I dono.... but i`m loving it as of now. :)

*I`m addicted to pressing win+tab. For those who doesn`t know what it means, install vista and try pressing for yourself. :)

Voices - the debating society of MMU Malacca

2 years into the establishment of this club. I was with Voices since my first year, the year which this club also first started.

With a whole bunch of juniors coming in, it gives quite a lot of encouragement for us to pour in more effort into the club. What`s the future of this club, we don`t know. Whether we will be one of the top debating institution in Malaysia, (or perhaps, the worlds), we won`t know either. But, for now, we`ll try to bring up as many people as we can, and enjoying ourselves at the same time.

*why are we working so hard to pass on our knowledge to juniors who doensn`t even care if the worlds ends tomorrow?

according to Jon, it`s somewhat a debt we`re paying to the university (for sponsoring us to tourneys).

That`s us, at Voices Malacca.

Lost for words.

The days where parents promised to take you out to the park and then later totally forget about. I thought those days are over.

UiTM called us yesterday and just casually told us that our name were not in the list, because we haven`t clear the cheque to them. Ignoring the deal made earlier that we`ll reserve a place and pay on the day we arrive.

I`m a litte more angry than dissapointed as of this momment. Angry at UiTM for being such a bitch, angry at the person in charge of our own admistration for delaying the financial processes, and extremely pissed at all the procrastination of our own club in handling this whole fiasco.

And just like that....with the luaggage fully packed, exemption letters typed out, 7.5k cheque in my hand, I`m sitting at the library. Unable to do anything.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.