3 people, 2 celebration, one hell of a night.

I didn`t know that I had that many friends that born on the month of July. When I went back this weekend, 3 of them had a birthday celebration.

To : Faiz, (8th of July), Sze Ping (10th of July) and Wong (14th of July), I dedicate this entry to you guys :)

The first celebration was at Faiz`s house. Superb food, especially with the bbq. I got to say Faiz is a damm good bbq chef. Imagine grilling more than 30 piece of chicken almost perfectly. Not one of them was over or under cooked. (He say, it is the results from bbq every weekend at Perth).

That`s Faiz, Wong and Sze Ping. (Wendy`s holding the cake)

About 11.30 pm, we had to leave Faiz house to join the Kajang High School gang to celebrate Wong`s birthday. Location : Beach cafe.

We had to rush there by 12am because, the birthday boy will be treated a LARGE drink by the cafe. And by LARGE, it`s VERY LARGE.

Big enough for 6 person to sip it at one go, and take hours to finish that drink.

And surprisingly, even with a cyber cafe just 50 meters away, we didn`t play DotA that night. It was a night of unlimited supply of food, drinks and random chatting. Eh, I wish my birthday will be just a fun.... :P

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