What I did last Holidays...

As a token of apology to those that came to this blog and finds it not updated, namely, Ei-leen (in which she claim that she checked every single day :p ).... I`ll post up some pictures ok. It`s been two months since my china made phone spoiled, and this blog have been picture-less since then.

To replace my dear hp, Weng Kit had been kind to rent me his k750i for RM 20 a month. Expect clearer pictures in this blog from now :).

Here`s what happen during our 'class reunion' outing@ time square.

*warning, readers below 18 might want to avoid this. (but I know you wont...blek)

First, it was quite a peaceful trip. People playing cards, sit around, chat.....

Hsien, Jin Ian and Nick.

Things got a little boring and people start doing weird things,

Like cramming 15 people and take picture in the lift

and weirder,

Hsien and Chi Kwan trying to act like a lesbian... (failed)

and even weirder,
grace being rape by kian liang and wong (acting.. pass!! with flying colours)

and I don`t even want to comment about the next one.

After the whole commotion, we went to Thai Club. Never went there before, and only after that some friend who went there before:

leen told me that
Aiyo..you went to the wrong place.. it`s the most 'jeng' club in the whole kl.

pei nee said,
That place only for lala people (or something along those lines).

True enough. It seems that day, only Uncles and Aquas are there... dammmmm. Though, our group had fun within our circle.

Drinking tequila,
and dancing

Grace dancing on the bar...
Went back to hotel after that for more alcohol (Weng Kit`s Absolute Vodka) and some game involving fish. (Don`t ask)

Before we head back to Kajang the next day, we went to this skating park in Sg Wang. I never knew it exist.

Don`t it reminds you of those 60`s skating ring with those disco lights and music. I would say it`s quite cool :).

Above all, I`m just glad to meet so many of you again. Thanks, Grace, Sze Ping, Ching Yee, Szu May, Hui Hsien, Chi Kwan, Wong, Nick, Weng Kit, Kian Liang, Chong, Jin Ian... you guys made this trip really enjoyable.

on a short note, Alex should really be studying now.. and he still isn`t. Exams in 22 hours time. Die Alex... die!!!

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