I`m very much a person of the past. Always regretting and pessimistic, I guess it`s not that surprising. Of the things that I miss in Kajang, it`s definitely not the place, but the people.

I`m been trying to contact quite a number of people lately. Ex-classmates, neighbours, people who whom I met on camps and trips, fellow tuition mates......Many of them, are quite impossible to reach. Many of them....there`s just nothing to talk about anymore. But, I`m very much grateful, that part of them, are still in my social circle.

But if you ask me, who do I really want to meet, in this 2 week holiday of mine, these are the people :

Ei leen
Wen Yi
Mei Yi
Pei Nee
Adeline (not this Adelene)

There are probably more girls name up there, because I`m meeting most of the guys already.
And for the names that`s not up there, yo guys, I`m meeting you all tomorrow. Look forward to it.... a secret class reunion trip. :)


Anonymous 3:58 PM  

It's a REAL surprise to see my name up there :D So sorry couldn't meet u up, exams at the wrong time :( I've just completed my physics paper just now, cant go back home as it's raining heavily.. My friends and i are thinking of going to malacca on one of our breaks, wil b nice to meet u up and Adelene too ;) have lotsa fun ya!


Alex 1:33 AM  

lol..that would be great :)

exams spoils everything.. booo

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