The irony of sitting a supplementary paper.

This is my first time taking a supplementary paper. I expected the hall to be quite empty, with maximum of 20 people taking the paper. When I walk in, I was quite surprise. The whole exam hall is pretty much filled. They combined 5 or 6 groups of people and have them all take the paper together.

Being in those environment is quite an experience to me. Since the majority (about 90%) of the people there are there because they failed their main paper..... there just a feeling that I`m not suppose to be here.

Pretty much everyone else cheated there. I didn`t realized until the exam is over when these people start asking arguing themselves who provided more answer and some argue that when he does, the words were too small and yada yada. I smile cynically, doubting whether those answer was even correct to begin with. *evil huh.

But probably, the biggest irony is when people who recognize me (and quite a number of them do) start reacting as if they saw a ghost there. "Alex!! why are you here?" they said. And as if they are giving this welcoming invitation, to join the 2nd attempt group. Not that I`m putting labels... in fact some of this people are really nice. Though, reality is pretty harsh , and I quite reluctant to be label stupid just yet. So sorry... not joining your group.

Regardless, I patiently explain to them the reason why I`m here, starting from the Korea thing, and how I got sick.. how this paper is just 4 hours after my flight and I was too tired to take them. And I`m taking this paper as my FIRST attempt. The only problem is, I got tired explaining after the 100****th people asked me.

Or worst,some people just assume I`m some stupid retard that fail 2 of the easiest paper in semester 3.

Tell me my life sucks......


Althras 11:19 AM  

The irony in this post isn't from your sitting for a paper in a supplementary setting, but is from your judging thinking that you're not judging...

Have you tried re-reading your own words Alex? Your whole post is sub-consciously dripping with the exact kind of self-righteous, blind, judgmental drivel that you seem to be wording yourself to avoid.

Honestly, I'm shocked. I thought you a better person than this.

Alex 12:46 AM  

i guessed it`s a little contradictory.

but i did somewhat conceed that reality is people are already passing judgement whether one likes it or not.

This expression is only a reflection of what I felt at that point of time. Discovering that people left, right, front and back of me cheats during exam and the thought of me being part of that culture somewhat bothers me.

I suppose in my own defense, I`m still pretty much friends with them even through all that. In fact, I even thought some of them and discussed the answers (after the exams of course).

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