Holiday. Week 2

4 days without blogging. I was weighing whether to put an entry, that would bored everyone to death, or put none at all.

Things are not much of a routine, but yet boring. For some reasons, my family are being treated to big dinners every single day last week. Whether it`s someone`s birthday, or a vacation, or someone kena loterry, everyone seems to love treating ppl. Don`t get me wrong.. i`m not complaining. I`m just worried that I`ll be spoilt.. for food.

(I`m hungry already)

In another unrelated case, some of you might had heard me complaining, that a lot of thing seem to went wrong last month. First my cam spoiled, then the dreadful exams.. (which one of the paper I wrong 4/4 question), my lab report mark`s reduced, then my handphone`s touch screen spoiled, unrepairable, and even my watch have problem.

All this means.. a lot of money. Money to repair my cam (or get a new one), money to buy new phone, money to pay my fees if my scholarship is retracted, money money money.....

Though this month, things are a little less erm.. bad. I`m a little happier, because of the holiday thing, though I still have to study. Maybe all the eat like crazy and stuffing myself did help a little. My family say I can get a handphone or buy a cam or just buy whatever I like.... which I don`t think my conscience will allow me to ever spend their money.

Though I might have to get a new phone after all.. Not that I have a choice. As of now, I`m using Weng Kit`s phone, a K750i. Takes pretty good pictures, with a 2mp camerra..... I might just want to get that phone. The market price now is just RM 550. Somewhat affordable. But it`s a bit too common for my liking. Yea, I`m picky.

Recconmendations for a new phone... anyone?

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