Club Registration Week

I remember, during my Alpha (foundation) year, I was looking forward to this week. The week where I saw many booth and join many clubs and spent (a lot) of money on club reg. fee.

Then I remember last year, being the ones collecting the money. This year is pretty much the same... except that when I look at all the freshies... I feel really really really old.

*The concourse is already filled with people the night before, with people trying to decorate their booth last minute. Picture taken at 11.55pm

The next day, people passing flyers while trying to lure the public into their respective clubs.

Just look at the effort students made decorating their booth.

Though I plan to drop most of my clubs, I don`t think that`ll ever happen. :p

Last count, I`m still in Archery, Wushu, Voices, Chess, IEM, Eng Soc, Robotics. Might just stop that. Might... heee.

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