Another stupid attempt to learn a new instrument

My parents had always objected me doing anything except getting top grades in my exams.
Perhaps, of my rebellious nature, I don`t really take their objection seriously. I simply see them as try to discourage me. So, as long as I keep my grades, I have the license to do whatever I want, right?. *this could be the very reason why I always wanted to achieve academic excellences.

I remembered being lectured when I pick a new hobby (playing yo-yo and entering competitions), and playing pokemon cards (yes, tournaments included), tamiya... joining debate club, going for chess tournament and archery tournament. I remembered being lectured when I wanted to learn guitar too. Though, again, that never really stop me from playing :P

Last week incident was pretty much a flashback of the past; when I wanted to learn violin. I never dared to try that instrument, because it`s said to be one of the hardest to learn. And the fact that I will never get my parents to send me to classes... I just forgo the idea of ever being able to play a violin. Now, that I`m in uni, handling my own finances... I thought why not. I can pay for the class with the savings I accumulated all these years.

Naturally, my parents say it`s a waste of time. Regardless, I still took my grandfather`s 300 years old violin, get it restring.. get a new bow... and took the violin to Malacca. The good thing about my parents is, that once they have done their part of 'discouraging' me, they are actually refrain from lecturing anymore. (Of cuz, that being until your results start degrading).

So, here`s to a new attempt to learn a new instrument.

The 300 years old violin that belongs to my late grandpa.

Posing with the violin.

If at all possible, I would really love to complete my grades in piano. Only problem is, I don`t have a piano here, and classes,exam fee are freaking expensive. Well, let`s see how far I can get this time, learning on my own.


Clairine 10:05 PM  

is that violin REALLY 300 years old? wow...

Alex 2:20 AM  

I`m not too sure also. The last recorded user is 1690. So it`s beyond that. Probably 200+ not 300 la. :)

Still sound nice though. If only I can play.....

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