Adelene`s Bday

Yesterday was Adelene`s birthday. I refrain myself from not saying anything and pretend as if it doesn`t matter at all because a bunch of us had a plan for her.

For a detailed elaboration of the plan.. here`s a dedicated blog for the plan. ------> I dono how long it will still be up before Eolanda decides to delete it.

In short, it was a couple of days planning for her surprise party, a couple of days trying to decide what present to get for her... and a lot of lies to pull this off.

*that`s Eo and Michelle shopping for grocery 11pm on the day before the party.

that`s the present I got for her after days of searching and asked countless people.

that`s the card I made for her. (this is a lot better than the other cards I made..... sigh)

* these are the people that went for the after party @Mori`s Cafe.
And I really wanted to kidnap that bear... sooooo cute!!!!!


Adel 10:45 PM  

thank u dear. :):)

Clairine 9:45 PM  

very sweet!

Alex 12:22 AM  

yea..literally. The cake fell on me. Sweet indeed. *pictures can be found on adelene`s blog.

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