Adelene`s Bday

Yesterday was Adelene`s birthday. I refrain myself from not saying anything and pretend as if it doesn`t matter at all because a bunch of us had a plan for her.

For a detailed elaboration of the plan.. here`s a dedicated blog for the plan. ------> I dono how long it will still be up before Eolanda decides to delete it.

In short, it was a couple of days planning for her surprise party, a couple of days trying to decide what present to get for her... and a lot of lies to pull this off.

*that`s Eo and Michelle shopping for grocery 11pm on the day before the party.

that`s the present I got for her after days of searching and asked countless people.

that`s the card I made for her. (this is a lot better than the other cards I made..... sigh)

* these are the people that went for the after party @Mori`s Cafe.
And I really wanted to kidnap that bear... sooooo cute!!!!!

Australs 2007

I`ll be leaving next week for another debate tournament. Though this time, it`s a bigger and much tougher tournament compared to All Asians, there wasn't as much hoo haa like back then.

Well, it could be because that this tournament is hosted in Malaysia this time. It could be that this time, instead of debating, MMU Malacca will only send 2 people to adjudicate (judge). It could also be that the representative were only selected few days ago and the tournament is coming in less than 5 days.

Australs stands for Austral Asians. Just like the name implies, it`s a tournament whereby the whole of Asia Pacific, (Aussies and Nz people will be here). According to previous records, "

The tournament is considered the most intellectually demanding in the world, and is recognized for its high standards of debating and adjudicating. Debaters have half an hour to prepare a case on topics ranging from regional politics, international economic policy, sport, culture, religion and philosophy

Some say it tougher than worlds. Whatever it is, right now, my concerns are:

1) how am I going to cope up with missing the ENTIRE week of lecturer. 21 lecturer hours and 4 tutorials.

2) All my shirts are plain old and ugly. That`ll sux a lot. ( I don`t have much a problem in Korea because it`s cold and I get away with wearing the same jacket every single day.)

3) Whether the socials provide free flow of booze.

4) Whether to join the pool party (if it requires me to wear swimming attire, which I don`t have)

I just hope that this tournament will be just as fun..

Club Registration Week

I remember, during my Alpha (foundation) year, I was looking forward to this week. The week where I saw many booth and join many clubs and spent (a lot) of money on club reg. fee.

Then I remember last year, being the ones collecting the money. This year is pretty much the same... except that when I look at all the freshies... I feel really really really old.

*The concourse is already filled with people the night before, with people trying to decorate their booth last minute. Picture taken at 11.55pm

The next day, people passing flyers while trying to lure the public into their respective clubs.

Just look at the effort students made decorating their booth.

Though I plan to drop most of my clubs, I don`t think that`ll ever happen. :p

Last count, I`m still in Archery, Wushu, Voices, Chess, IEM, Eng Soc, Robotics. Might just stop that. Might... heee.

Another stupid attempt to learn a new instrument

My parents had always objected me doing anything except getting top grades in my exams.
Perhaps, of my rebellious nature, I don`t really take their objection seriously. I simply see them as try to discourage me. So, as long as I keep my grades, I have the license to do whatever I want, right?. *this could be the very reason why I always wanted to achieve academic excellences.

I remembered being lectured when I pick a new hobby (playing yo-yo and entering competitions), and playing pokemon cards (yes, tournaments included), tamiya... joining debate club, going for chess tournament and archery tournament. I remembered being lectured when I wanted to learn guitar too. Though, again, that never really stop me from playing :P

Last week incident was pretty much a flashback of the past; when I wanted to learn violin. I never dared to try that instrument, because it`s said to be one of the hardest to learn. And the fact that I will never get my parents to send me to classes... I just forgo the idea of ever being able to play a violin. Now, that I`m in uni, handling my own finances... I thought why not. I can pay for the class with the savings I accumulated all these years.

Naturally, my parents say it`s a waste of time. Regardless, I still took my grandfather`s 300 years old violin, get it restring.. get a new bow... and took the violin to Malacca. The good thing about my parents is, that once they have done their part of 'discouraging' me, they are actually refrain from lecturing anymore. (Of cuz, that being until your results start degrading).

So, here`s to a new attempt to learn a new instrument.

The 300 years old violin that belongs to my late grandpa.

Posing with the violin.

If at all possible, I would really love to complete my grades in piano. Only problem is, I don`t have a piano here, and classes,exam fee are freaking expensive. Well, let`s see how far I can get this time, learning on my own.

An Ideal Me

I have firmly believed, if I could ask for any personality, any qualities, any talent,any amount of knowledge, and these are being granted, it is still never possible to achieve what everyone consider to be ideal.

Yet, having said that... it should never stop any effort to change myself for the better. I`m quite annoyed with people overusing the phrase "this is me... this is who I am.. if you don`t like it..stay away". And sadly , I used the very same excuse too..

Changes, are pretty much inevitable. Just some happened because you force yourself too. Some happened as you mature. After a while, I pretty much gave up changing intentionally, where I costantly search for my shortcomings and what I lack. Then again, disappointment after disappointments of not being able to do anything. Of still being the same retard as I was..... the only path I have now, is run to where I feel most comfortable.

* I had no idea what initiated this emo. I have no idea what this leads too. I have no idea what I`m trying to convey. I have no idea what this is all about after the first sentence. I just feel like whining... Please don`t try to understand it. It does`nt even make sense. So, just don`t bother.

Don`t ask....

Don`t ask why I changed the template...
Don`t ask why I`m not studying.....
Don`t ask why I`m acting stupid...

I wished I had the answer...

The irony of sitting a supplementary paper.

This is my first time taking a supplementary paper. I expected the hall to be quite empty, with maximum of 20 people taking the paper. When I walk in, I was quite surprise. The whole exam hall is pretty much filled. They combined 5 or 6 groups of people and have them all take the paper together.

Being in those environment is quite an experience to me. Since the majority (about 90%) of the people there are there because they failed their main paper..... there just a feeling that I`m not suppose to be here.

Pretty much everyone else cheated there. I didn`t realized until the exam is over when these people start asking arguing themselves who provided more answer and some argue that when he does, the words were too small and yada yada. I smile cynically, doubting whether those answer was even correct to begin with. *evil huh.

But probably, the biggest irony is when people who recognize me (and quite a number of them do) start reacting as if they saw a ghost there. "Alex!! why are you here?" they said. And as if they are giving this welcoming invitation, to join the 2nd attempt group. Not that I`m putting labels... in fact some of this people are really nice. Though, reality is pretty harsh , and I quite reluctant to be label stupid just yet. So sorry... not joining your group.

Regardless, I patiently explain to them the reason why I`m here, starting from the Korea thing, and how I got sick.. how this paper is just 4 hours after my flight and I was too tired to take them. And I`m taking this paper as my FIRST attempt. The only problem is, I got tired explaining after the 100****th people asked me.

Or worst,some people just assume I`m some stupid retard that fail 2 of the easiest paper in semester 3.

Tell me my life sucks......

What I did last Holidays...

As a token of apology to those that came to this blog and finds it not updated, namely, Ei-leen (in which she claim that she checked every single day :p ).... I`ll post up some pictures ok. It`s been two months since my china made phone spoiled, and this blog have been picture-less since then.

To replace my dear hp, Weng Kit had been kind to rent me his k750i for RM 20 a month. Expect clearer pictures in this blog from now :).

Here`s what happen during our 'class reunion' outing@ time square.

*warning, readers below 18 might want to avoid this. (but I know you wont...blek)

First, it was quite a peaceful trip. People playing cards, sit around, chat.....

Hsien, Jin Ian and Nick.

Things got a little boring and people start doing weird things,

Like cramming 15 people and take picture in the lift

and weirder,

Hsien and Chi Kwan trying to act like a lesbian... (failed)

and even weirder,
grace being rape by kian liang and wong (acting.. pass!! with flying colours)

and I don`t even want to comment about the next one.

After the whole commotion, we went to Thai Club. Never went there before, and only after that some friend who went there before:

leen told me that went to the wrong place.. it`s the most 'jeng' club in the whole kl.

pei nee said,
That place only for lala people (or something along those lines).

True enough. It seems that day, only Uncles and Aquas are there... dammmmm. Though, our group had fun within our circle.

Drinking tequila,
and dancing

Grace dancing on the bar...
Went back to hotel after that for more alcohol (Weng Kit`s Absolute Vodka) and some game involving fish. (Don`t ask)

Before we head back to Kajang the next day, we went to this skating park in Sg Wang. I never knew it exist.

Don`t it reminds you of those 60`s skating ring with those disco lights and music. I would say it`s quite cool :).

Above all, I`m just glad to meet so many of you again. Thanks, Grace, Sze Ping, Ching Yee, Szu May, Hui Hsien, Chi Kwan, Wong, Nick, Weng Kit, Kian Liang, Chong, Jin Ian... you guys made this trip really enjoyable.

on a short note, Alex should really be studying now.. and he still isn`t. Exams in 22 hours time. Die Alex... die!!!


For a moment, I thought I`ll really stop blogging. I find it really really hard to blog without pictures. And there`s a small part of me scared of bore the hell out of people with paragraphs of words.

Of course, there are many other reasons, like I just feel like not blogging, and not to mention Nick`s hogging my laptop most of the time.

My holidays have officially come to an end. I usually look forward to a new semester. Not this time. First, the 3 weeks break was awesome. Good food, good companions, good games. It kind of a lifestyle where all you need to worry is not to get pawn in dota few times in a row, and get knifed in CS.

Then, I have nth to look forward this sem. My exams results are dreadful. This are times where if people ask what my gpa is, I might just give them a slap. And some lecturers would probably start complaining again, come you results getting bad to worse. And I have will have no license to sleep in class anymore.

And of course, what deters me the most is that despite all that, I still have 2 more exams to take, (remember that I miss them during the last finals). One this wednesday, another on Friday. I have yet to prepare any of them.

I`m still indulged in those peaceful, enjoyable and burden-less holiday. The only thing that`s hunting me now, is extreme guilt, for not studying where I should have been.


I`m very much a person of the past. Always regretting and pessimistic, I guess it`s not that surprising. Of the things that I miss in Kajang, it`s definitely not the place, but the people.

I`m been trying to contact quite a number of people lately. Ex-classmates, neighbours, people who whom I met on camps and trips, fellow tuition mates......Many of them, are quite impossible to reach. Many of them....there`s just nothing to talk about anymore. But, I`m very much grateful, that part of them, are still in my social circle.

But if you ask me, who do I really want to meet, in this 2 week holiday of mine, these are the people :

Ei leen
Wen Yi
Mei Yi
Pei Nee
Adeline (not this Adelene)

There are probably more girls name up there, because I`m meeting most of the guys already.
And for the names that`s not up there, yo guys, I`m meeting you all tomorrow. Look forward to it.... a secret class reunion trip. :)

Holiday. Week 2

4 days without blogging. I was weighing whether to put an entry, that would bored everyone to death, or put none at all.

Things are not much of a routine, but yet boring. For some reasons, my family are being treated to big dinners every single day last week. Whether it`s someone`s birthday, or a vacation, or someone kena loterry, everyone seems to love treating ppl. Don`t get me wrong.. i`m not complaining. I`m just worried that I`ll be spoilt.. for food.

(I`m hungry already)

In another unrelated case, some of you might had heard me complaining, that a lot of thing seem to went wrong last month. First my cam spoiled, then the dreadful exams.. (which one of the paper I wrong 4/4 question), my lab report mark`s reduced, then my handphone`s touch screen spoiled, unrepairable, and even my watch have problem.

All this means.. a lot of money. Money to repair my cam (or get a new one), money to buy new phone, money to pay my fees if my scholarship is retracted, money money money.....

Though this month, things are a little less erm.. bad. I`m a little happier, because of the holiday thing, though I still have to study. Maybe all the eat like crazy and stuffing myself did help a little. My family say I can get a handphone or buy a cam or just buy whatever I like.... which I don`t think my conscience will allow me to ever spend their money.

Though I might have to get a new phone after all.. Not that I have a choice. As of now, I`m using Weng Kit`s phone, a K750i. Takes pretty good pictures, with a 2mp camerra..... I might just want to get that phone. The market price now is just RM 550. Somewhat affordable. But it`s a bit too common for my liking. Yea, I`m picky.

Recconmendations for a new phone... anyone?

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.