Robocon 2007

I have no idea how to describe with words. This is the excerpt from the official website. Go figure.

It is an annual robot contest starting from 2002, just for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Under a common set of rules, participants will compete with their peers in other countries to create a robot using their creative and technological abilities in an open competition.

This year`s theme. (Robocon 2007 Hanoi, Vietnam)
The legend of Ha Long has it that, “Once upon a time, soon after the Viet people established their country, invaders came. The Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to earth to help the Viet people fight against their enemy. Right at the time invaders’ boats were rushing to the shore, the dragons landed down on earth. The dragons immediately sent out from their mouths a lot of pearls, which then turned into thousands of stone islands emerging in the sea like great walls challenging the invaders’ boats. The fast boats couldn’t manage to stop and crashed into the islands and into each other and broke into pieces.
After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons didn’t return Heaven but stayed on earth at the place where the battle had occurred. The location Mother Dragon landed is nowadays Ha long Bay and where Child Dragons descended is now Bai Tu Long.
Ha Long is the wonderful and skilful masterpiece of the Creation and of nature that only Vietnam was bestowed. Ha Long has become the pride of not only the locals but also of all Vietnamese people when it was twice recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO for its geographical and geomorphologic values. With its unique beauty, Ha Long is one of the most ideal destinations in Vietnam.
The rules of Robocon 2007 are built basing on this legend of Ha Long. A team of robots(symbolizing dragons) will carry the blocks having the shape of cylinder(symbolizing pearls) to build various kinds of islands symbolizing “Ha Long”; and “Bai Tu Long” .The first team to complete the building of “Victory islands”( in the shape of letter V in the centre of the Game Field) will be the winner. Duration of the game is three minutes.

Game Play

Red team and Green team will operate Manual Machines (symbolizing Mother Dragons) and Automatic Machines (symbolizing Child Dragons) to put the “Pearls” on the “Islands”. The team which puts the “Pearl” on top of an “Island” gets the “Island”.
The first team to complete the shape of letter V with the “Islands” at the centre of the Game Field is considered “VICTORY ISLANDS!” and will be the winner. In the case that neither team accomplishes “VICTORY ISLANDS!”, the team that scores more points wins.
Duration of the game is three minutes.

It`s really sad that MMU got disqualified in the Octo because their manual robot accidentally touches the opponent`s automatic robot (which is a violation of the rules). With that silly mistake, they`re out. UTM were really really good. They totaly walk over their opponent, scoring 25-0. They disable one of the opponents robot in the first 5 seconds, causing their entire strategy to fail.

Robocon is better than I expected. I can`t wait for next year, and I`m not going to be just an observer next time.

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