Mission report.

All I can say is, everything is great. I`ll be posting pictures about the place, the championship dinners, opening banquet yada yada yada something later in the future. For now, I`m really really really happy.

We came with 7 people. 2 teams, and 1 adjudicator. The 8 rounds Pre-lims are finally over yesterday. All 7 of us qualified into the double octo-finals. Though someone might say that, it`s just octo, sigh..

It`s really really hard to break even into the octos. In fact, this is my first debating tournament that I ever broke. (*breaking is term use when one qualifies for the knockouts round like octos, quarters, etc etc)

Felt so damm good about it. Now, we`re like the top 32 teams in Asia.

Though, I would have been happier if I don`t have exams in like, 5 days. Anyway, please pray for me alright. Tomorrow onwards will be even much much harder. I personally don`t expect to get through the next round. Just keeping my fingers cross.


Adel 10:34 PM  

oh my!!! u guys were great!! congrats.. :) :) hahahaa.. now u are happy now. :P gambate oh!

Clairine 11:33 PM  


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