Going, going..gone

* 1 hour 30 minutes ago...

Alex : Gosh... why doesn`t this questions make sense..

Random Mechanical Student : Don't care laaaa... just copy the answer.. quick quick.

Some random dude : EH!! how come you still here? Are`nt you suppose to be in Korea?

Alex : Soon.. what time is it now? SHIT!!!!! (copies without any hesitation).

Sigh.... I hate engineering assignments. I don`t know who I copy from. Probably, the person I copy don`t know who HE copy from.

There are still bits and pieces of my stuff. I don`t even know why I`m going...grumbles.

On the other hand, I do hope that things work out well.. both Asians, and my prep for final exam. So, off I go..........


Tracie 10:04 PM  

BYE ALEX!!!! Have fuuuuunnnnn....

Btw, excuse me commenting here cuz my phone cannot access tagboards. Boo hooo..

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