Food!! again

I`m sorry guys. No pictures. I left my cabel for my camera phone in Malacca.

My grandma`s friend occasionally treats us for dinner. And it`s usually to some odd places where I never heard of it, but the food are like super delicious. This time, we went all the way to Pudu.

It was very near Time Square. I believe the place is call Pudu Plaza, off Jalan Pasar. This restaurant is actually in a food court. Weird huh. People would have thought that it`s just some normal chinese stall where you order RM 3 fried rice and stuff.

Apparently not. The cook is some professional cook from some hotels. He open this stall and only serve a maximun of 5 tables a day. You actually have to book and reserve, and place your orders weeks before to get to eat there. Cool eh.

And the food are like 100+ per dish. Lol.... all in a unknown restaurant in a food court. Talk about weird. Nevertheless, it was worth it though.

The first dish is like a 4 season set, except, this comes with 8 different type of dish. Salad Lobster, Deep Fried Prawn, Wine Chicken, Steam Abalone, Yam Ring with Pork`s intestine, Pork Ribs, Seaweed (I dono what style), and one dish which I can`t recognize.

Was blotted after the first dish, so I don`t feel like talking about the rest of them.... heeeeeeeee

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