Dead tired

Can't believe that the hostel I`m staying had wireless.

As of know, I`m extremely extremely sleepy and tired. I traveled from Malacca to Klia from 10-12am, rushed to get the flight by 1am, travel abroad until 8.45am Korean time, travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul 10am-12pm, walk around for lunch 12-2.30pm, Travel to Seoul National University from 4-6pm, debate from 6-11pm.. travel back to hostel 11-1am...

What went wrong? I didn`t slept much throughout the journey. couldn`t sleep at the flight. My camera optic spoilt (cost 450 to fix) and the food and travel here cost like *($&R%#*(&#($&#(*$

Everythign is 4 times more expensive. Mineral water can cost up to 8 ringgit..... A normal meal cost 20 ringgit. I`m broke. The only thing nice here, is that the wheather is nice. Though, that was really unexpected. We thought, since it`s 1 month to summer, it will be really hot. Apparently, the temperature is around 8-15*c. Really nice, except it gets real cool in the night. Still... I love the wheather.

Pre Asians Result for day 1.

1 win
1 lost

Hopefully, we`ll do better tomorrow and at Asians. :)


Adel 1:28 AM  

gambate oh!!! :) :)

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