Climbing Bear Hill

Treat you guys something non-Korean this time.

The place MMU Malacca is located is called Bukit Beruang. Loosely translated (by me) into Bear Hill. It`s a shame really, that I`ve been here for almost two years, but never actually 'hike' up to the top.

I dono why I`m doing this during my examination period, but it`s a good break from staying hours in the library.

Thanks to Wilz, who invited me, else I`ll probably never bothered to go. Here`s Wilz, and Adelene.

It`s not a hard climb. A little steeper than Jalan Bukit. Though, if you try running all the way up, it`s not that easy either.

Like all mountain/hill view, it`s breathtaking.

See how happy Adelene is.

For those who went up like a zillion times.. here how they feel


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