AIDC - The last few days.

Alright, I`m a bit bored of this already. But this will be the last. :)

I suppose, what truly amaze me, is the performance during the cultural night. When you hear someone say cultural performance, the first word that comes to your mind is : boring!.

Not this time.

It`s a little weird, but funny. The performance are like a gymnast show. Except, the ribbons are now tied to their head instead. These poor guys have to shake their head the entire 15 minutes show.

Apparently, Taekwondo is also one of their culture. I don`t know why, nor really cared. All I know, it`s superb.

Though, these people are performers martial artist. Nevertheless, their moves are just amazing. Never thought that one person can hit 5 different targets in one jump.

Just amazing.

One thing I left out. People who have traditional dresses are to actually wear them that night. Lol, I had none, so most of the guys just wear their usually boring formal suit.

Though, I had lots of pictures with people who does wear.

That`s the Korean traditional dress. (the girl`s name is Jing Joo.. :P )

That`s Carin with the sari. *no, she`s a chinese laaaaaa..

Kaoru with her yukatta (a summer version of Kimono).

That`s Logan, with his Korean traditional outfit, and Kaoru, as introduced earlier. * just so you know, the drinks in our cups are all alcoholic.

Girls from China and Taiwan, who I never bothered to find out their names.

That`s Kylie, a Korean but wearing the cheong sam.

During that cultural night, people can volunteer to perform. We had Chinese girls doing fashion show, some Korean girls dancing like Beyonce, some India teams sang Wonderwall.

But the best, of cuz, coming from MMU with their special version of '9 days of Asians' <---- inspired from '12 days of Christmas'

*ps the pictures are not MMU ppl though, :P

Anyway, here`s the lyrics : it`s being circulated on the net now.

Title : "9 Days of Asians"
*Inspired by the "12 Days of Christmas" Carol
Lyrics by Voices MMU

On the of Asians, Korea gave to me:

> 1- A totally Insufficient Towel
> 2- Break Announcements
> 3- Breaking Teams
> 4- DCA's
> 5- E-lim Rounds
> 6- Kinds of Kimchi
> 7- Hundred SOJU's
> 8- Million Children ..."Hello! Signature Please"
> 9- Days in ENGLAND


Those who went through Asians this year will understand why this song is so funny. I`m rather tired to explain. So I`ll just keep the meanings and the memories for myself this time.

Damm... I miss the tournament.

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