AIDC - Day 5 - The 'so called' free day

Yea... it suppose to be a free day. Koreans, or those who hooked up with Koreans, or those who are rich enough to go on private tours went around Seoul and had fun.

Lonely and miserable people like me went to the council meeting instead. Stupid thing is, the council meeting is held in the Parliament at Seoul. Which made me go all the way there, but not experiencing Seoul itself.

*the council meeting sux. Took 5 hours with people of different agendas trying to play dirty politics.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the Parliament.

Ok, I only had 2 :p.

The only consolation, is that after the meeting, there`s the Master`s finals. Master debate are for those old time debaters who suppose to stop debating and retire a long long time ago,. Dammit... go away already. We don`t miss you. :p

Anyway, don`t expect the quality to be any good either. What they usually do is to make the rounds as stupid as possible. Like naming their team Greater Malaysia, where 1 of their team mate is Singaporean, and the other, naming themselves Greater Korea, where NONE of them are Korean.

As usually, they spend 7 minutes cracking jokes and it was a good laugh in a way. I`m rather surprise that they sticked to the motion. What happen in Singapore Worlds 2003 was this.

The motion : THW that the Invasion of Iraq is unjustified. (could be a different motion. I forget)

The Prime Minister opens the debate with :

' Let`s not talk about Iraq. Let debate why Singapore can`t host the Olympics instead.'

And they spend the rest of 3 speeches pissing on how small Singapore is. :P

That`s debating for you...

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