AIDC - Day 3-Day 5

This 3 days are known as hell-day.

Debaters go through 3 torturous rounds a day. That makes 9 debates in 3 days. We`re tired, we`re exhausted, we`re fed up. People sleep around (again, literally) every conner they can find.

I got a picture of a cute girl sleeping. Alright, I don`t know if she`s really cute, but the way she sleep is. (I so hope she don`t know I took her picture and posted it here)

To show you just how tired everyone are:

And the cure to frustration : Alcohol, even during the day

Yes, they were drunk even b4 the party. Wait, did I say party?

We have this kinda party everyday. Free alcohol, chips and music. Though, many people boycotted the party because it`s too freaking cold out there.

What happen after the parties?

People got drunk obviously.
Though, I wondered why am I still conscious enough to remember everything I did.

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