AIDC - Day 2

Day 2 is pretty much a rest day for debaters. Adjudicators had their adjudication exams while the rest just slept around (literally, I hope that doesn't imply anything). The highlight for today is probably the opening dinner. Great food, great performance, and as usual, boring speeches.

The Korean Orchestra, using traditional music instrument. Not too bad actually, though it doesn't impress me enough to actually remember the songs.

The Banquet

At least this girl is pretty enough for me to remember her name. Introducing, Jin Joo.

Wink. (someone getting jealous)


Adel 10:20 PM  

I wonder who is that "someone"... hmm.. lol. anyway, i told u that gal really look like Kiyora from nodame cantabile la!

Alex 5:05 PM  

the one that 'terasa' lo... heeeee

kiyora cuter la!!!

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