Food!! again

I`m sorry guys. No pictures. I left my cabel for my camera phone in Malacca.

My grandma`s friend occasionally treats us for dinner. And it`s usually to some odd places where I never heard of it, but the food are like super delicious. This time, we went all the way to Pudu.

It was very near Time Square. I believe the place is call Pudu Plaza, off Jalan Pasar. This restaurant is actually in a food court. Weird huh. People would have thought that it`s just some normal chinese stall where you order RM 3 fried rice and stuff.

Apparently not. The cook is some professional cook from some hotels. He open this stall and only serve a maximun of 5 tables a day. You actually have to book and reserve, and place your orders weeks before to get to eat there. Cool eh.

And the food are like 100+ per dish. Lol.... all in a unknown restaurant in a food court. Talk about weird. Nevertheless, it was worth it though.

The first dish is like a 4 season set, except, this comes with 8 different type of dish. Salad Lobster, Deep Fried Prawn, Wine Chicken, Steam Abalone, Yam Ring with Pork`s intestine, Pork Ribs, Seaweed (I dono what style), and one dish which I can`t recognize.

Was blotted after the first dish, so I don`t feel like talking about the rest of them.... heeeeeeeee

Robocon 2007

I have no idea how to describe with words. This is the excerpt from the official website. Go figure.

It is an annual robot contest starting from 2002, just for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Under a common set of rules, participants will compete with their peers in other countries to create a robot using their creative and technological abilities in an open competition.

This year`s theme. (Robocon 2007 Hanoi, Vietnam)
The legend of Ha Long has it that, “Once upon a time, soon after the Viet people established their country, invaders came. The Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to earth to help the Viet people fight against their enemy. Right at the time invaders’ boats were rushing to the shore, the dragons landed down on earth. The dragons immediately sent out from their mouths a lot of pearls, which then turned into thousands of stone islands emerging in the sea like great walls challenging the invaders’ boats. The fast boats couldn’t manage to stop and crashed into the islands and into each other and broke into pieces.
After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons didn’t return Heaven but stayed on earth at the place where the battle had occurred. The location Mother Dragon landed is nowadays Ha long Bay and where Child Dragons descended is now Bai Tu Long.
Ha Long is the wonderful and skilful masterpiece of the Creation and of nature that only Vietnam was bestowed. Ha Long has become the pride of not only the locals but also of all Vietnamese people when it was twice recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO for its geographical and geomorphologic values. With its unique beauty, Ha Long is one of the most ideal destinations in Vietnam.
The rules of Robocon 2007 are built basing on this legend of Ha Long. A team of robots(symbolizing dragons) will carry the blocks having the shape of cylinder(symbolizing pearls) to build various kinds of islands symbolizing “Ha Long”; and “Bai Tu Long” .The first team to complete the building of “Victory islands”( in the shape of letter V in the centre of the Game Field) will be the winner. Duration of the game is three minutes.

Game Play

Red team and Green team will operate Manual Machines (symbolizing Mother Dragons) and Automatic Machines (symbolizing Child Dragons) to put the “Pearls” on the “Islands”. The team which puts the “Pearl” on top of an “Island” gets the “Island”.
The first team to complete the shape of letter V with the “Islands” at the centre of the Game Field is considered “VICTORY ISLANDS!” and will be the winner. In the case that neither team accomplishes “VICTORY ISLANDS!”, the team that scores more points wins.
Duration of the game is three minutes.

It`s really sad that MMU got disqualified in the Octo because their manual robot accidentally touches the opponent`s automatic robot (which is a violation of the rules). With that silly mistake, they`re out. UTM were really really good. They totaly walk over their opponent, scoring 25-0. They disable one of the opponents robot in the first 5 seconds, causing their entire strategy to fail.

Robocon is better than I expected. I can`t wait for next year, and I`m not going to be just an observer next time.


Isn`t it funny. That I blog way more often during exams, compared to the holidays, where I practically have nth to do. Then, I`ll proceed to whine how miserable my life is......

Differential Diagnosis.

-common flu-
-withdrawal effects- (from alcohol)
-just being Alex-

Damm... I watch too much of House M.D in 2 days.. It`s a good drama though.

I have 4 hours to sleep before I go to Robocon tomorrow at 6am. Finally, I`ve something interesting to blog about. And tomorrow onwards, I`ll be back in Kajang. Looking forward to see people back home. Wait, is there actually anyone back home to look forward too?

Celebrations after exam.

Though my exam is technically, not over yet, everyone else has. Went out with Adelene to celebbrate. In Malacca, there is no where to go, except for Makhota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan.

But for some unknown reason, we went up that old ford, A-famosa. Really, don`t ask why.. it`s totaly random.

More importantly, we had a nice lunch. :P Went to this Korean bbq, Seoul Garden (ya, korea again), at MP. We can only go during lunch time because only then, we`ll get student price discount. (close to 50%). Even after the discount, it cost us 40 ringgit for 2 people.

But it`s totaly worth it.

One of the nicest nicest buffet I ever had. I`m hungry just thinking about it. Yummy...... The atmostphere is not too bad. Air-conditioned, not too bad deco... it`s just simply amazing. I loved the place.

Went watch Pirates of the Carribbean after that. It was good. A lot better than the 2nd one. Well, no spoilers for you. Go and watch la... still read my blog.. ish

AIDC - The last few days.

Alright, I`m a bit bored of this already. But this will be the last. :)

I suppose, what truly amaze me, is the performance during the cultural night. When you hear someone say cultural performance, the first word that comes to your mind is : boring!.

Not this time.

It`s a little weird, but funny. The performance are like a gymnast show. Except, the ribbons are now tied to their head instead. These poor guys have to shake their head the entire 15 minutes show.

Apparently, Taekwondo is also one of their culture. I don`t know why, nor really cared. All I know, it`s superb.

Though, these people are performers martial artist. Nevertheless, their moves are just amazing. Never thought that one person can hit 5 different targets in one jump.

Just amazing.

One thing I left out. People who have traditional dresses are to actually wear them that night. Lol, I had none, so most of the guys just wear their usually boring formal suit.

Though, I had lots of pictures with people who does wear.

That`s the Korean traditional dress. (the girl`s name is Jing Joo.. :P )

That`s Carin with the sari. *no, she`s a chinese laaaaaa..

Kaoru with her yukatta (a summer version of Kimono).

That`s Logan, with his Korean traditional outfit, and Kaoru, as introduced earlier. * just so you know, the drinks in our cups are all alcoholic.

Girls from China and Taiwan, who I never bothered to find out their names.

That`s Kylie, a Korean but wearing the cheong sam.

During that cultural night, people can volunteer to perform. We had Chinese girls doing fashion show, some Korean girls dancing like Beyonce, some India teams sang Wonderwall.

But the best, of cuz, coming from MMU with their special version of '9 days of Asians' <---- inspired from '12 days of Christmas'

*ps the pictures are not MMU ppl though, :P

Anyway, here`s the lyrics : it`s being circulated on the net now.

Title : "9 Days of Asians"
*Inspired by the "12 Days of Christmas" Carol
Lyrics by Voices MMU

On the of Asians, Korea gave to me:

> 1- A totally Insufficient Towel
> 2- Break Announcements
> 3- Breaking Teams
> 4- DCA's
> 5- E-lim Rounds
> 6- Kinds of Kimchi
> 7- Hundred SOJU's
> 8- Million Children ..."Hello! Signature Please"
> 9- Days in ENGLAND


Those who went through Asians this year will understand why this song is so funny. I`m rather tired to explain. So I`ll just keep the meanings and the memories for myself this time.

Damm... I miss the tournament.

Climbing Bear Hill

Treat you guys something non-Korean this time.

The place MMU Malacca is located is called Bukit Beruang. Loosely translated (by me) into Bear Hill. It`s a shame really, that I`ve been here for almost two years, but never actually 'hike' up to the top.

I dono why I`m doing this during my examination period, but it`s a good break from staying hours in the library.

Thanks to Wilz, who invited me, else I`ll probably never bothered to go. Here`s Wilz, and Adelene.

It`s not a hard climb. A little steeper than Jalan Bukit. Though, if you try running all the way up, it`s not that easy either.

Like all mountain/hill view, it`s breathtaking.

See how happy Adelene is.

For those who went up like a zillion times.. here how they feel


AIDC - Day 5 - The 'so called' free day

Yea... it suppose to be a free day. Koreans, or those who hooked up with Koreans, or those who are rich enough to go on private tours went around Seoul and had fun.

Lonely and miserable people like me went to the council meeting instead. Stupid thing is, the council meeting is held in the Parliament at Seoul. Which made me go all the way there, but not experiencing Seoul itself.

*the council meeting sux. Took 5 hours with people of different agendas trying to play dirty politics.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the Parliament.

Ok, I only had 2 :p.

The only consolation, is that after the meeting, there`s the Master`s finals. Master debate are for those old time debaters who suppose to stop debating and retire a long long time ago,. Dammit... go away already. We don`t miss you. :p

Anyway, don`t expect the quality to be any good either. What they usually do is to make the rounds as stupid as possible. Like naming their team Greater Malaysia, where 1 of their team mate is Singaporean, and the other, naming themselves Greater Korea, where NONE of them are Korean.

As usually, they spend 7 minutes cracking jokes and it was a good laugh in a way. I`m rather surprise that they sticked to the motion. What happen in Singapore Worlds 2003 was this.

The motion : THW that the Invasion of Iraq is unjustified. (could be a different motion. I forget)

The Prime Minister opens the debate with :

' Let`s not talk about Iraq. Let debate why Singapore can`t host the Olympics instead.'

And they spend the rest of 3 speeches pissing on how small Singapore is. :P

That`s debating for you...


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Some one kill me.

No amount of optimism can help now.

AIDC - Day 3-Day 5

This 3 days are known as hell-day.

Debaters go through 3 torturous rounds a day. That makes 9 debates in 3 days. We`re tired, we`re exhausted, we`re fed up. People sleep around (again, literally) every conner they can find.

I got a picture of a cute girl sleeping. Alright, I don`t know if she`s really cute, but the way she sleep is. (I so hope she don`t know I took her picture and posted it here)

To show you just how tired everyone are:

And the cure to frustration : Alcohol, even during the day

Yes, they were drunk even b4 the party. Wait, did I say party?

We have this kinda party everyday. Free alcohol, chips and music. Though, many people boycotted the party because it`s too freaking cold out there.

What happen after the parties?

People got drunk obviously.
Though, I wondered why am I still conscious enough to remember everything I did.

AIDC - Day 2

Day 2 is pretty much a rest day for debaters. Adjudicators had their adjudication exams while the rest just slept around (literally, I hope that doesn't imply anything). The highlight for today is probably the opening dinner. Great food, great performance, and as usual, boring speeches.

The Korean Orchestra, using traditional music instrument. Not too bad actually, though it doesn't impress me enough to actually remember the songs.

The Banquet

At least this girl is pretty enough for me to remember her name. Introducing, Jin Joo.

Wink. (someone getting jealous)

AIDC - Day 1

The venue for the debating tournament is at Paju, English Village. It's just stupid to have the debate in an English Village where we had already travel all the way to Korea.

Needless to say, this place is nth like Korea. Though, that doesn't mean it`s not nice. In fact, it`s beautiful.

The dorms were comfortable and nice. I suppose we should not complaint too much.
Nth much happen this day. We had a welcoming party at night, met a few people here and there, and day 1 ended.

The beginning of an end.

Asians is now over. I`m back home at Malacca. Nth here seems to give me anything to come back,(except Adelene) : Exams, last minute prep, mmu's administration, bitchy lecturers.....

MMU Malacca was out of the games after being knocked out on the double octos, both with a split decisions and small margin. Though I really felt that we should take that round. No point crying over spilled milk now.

Anyways, it was still, a dream. A very nice dream. Though, that dream is reality. That part is over. What awaits now, is the morning after.

*Alex.. go study laaaaaa... blog je tau.

Mission report.

All I can say is, everything is great. I`ll be posting pictures about the place, the championship dinners, opening banquet yada yada yada something later in the future. For now, I`m really really really happy.

We came with 7 people. 2 teams, and 1 adjudicator. The 8 rounds Pre-lims are finally over yesterday. All 7 of us qualified into the double octo-finals. Though someone might say that, it`s just octo, sigh..

It`s really really hard to break even into the octos. In fact, this is my first debating tournament that I ever broke. (*breaking is term use when one qualifies for the knockouts round like octos, quarters, etc etc)

Felt so damm good about it. Now, we`re like the top 32 teams in Asia.

Though, I would have been happier if I don`t have exams in like, 5 days. Anyway, please pray for me alright. Tomorrow onwards will be even much much harder. I personally don`t expect to get through the next round. Just keeping my fingers cross.

Dead tired

Can't believe that the hostel I`m staying had wireless.

As of know, I`m extremely extremely sleepy and tired. I traveled from Malacca to Klia from 10-12am, rushed to get the flight by 1am, travel abroad until 8.45am Korean time, travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul 10am-12pm, walk around for lunch 12-2.30pm, Travel to Seoul National University from 4-6pm, debate from 6-11pm.. travel back to hostel 11-1am...

What went wrong? I didn`t slept much throughout the journey. couldn`t sleep at the flight. My camera optic spoilt (cost 450 to fix) and the food and travel here cost like *($&R%#*(&#($&#(*$

Everythign is 4 times more expensive. Mineral water can cost up to 8 ringgit..... A normal meal cost 20 ringgit. I`m broke. The only thing nice here, is that the wheather is nice. Though, that was really unexpected. We thought, since it`s 1 month to summer, it will be really hot. Apparently, the temperature is around 8-15*c. Really nice, except it gets real cool in the night. Still... I love the wheather.

Pre Asians Result for day 1.

1 win
1 lost

Hopefully, we`ll do better tomorrow and at Asians. :)

Going, going..gone

* 1 hour 30 minutes ago...

Alex : Gosh... why doesn`t this questions make sense..

Random Mechanical Student : Don't care laaaa... just copy the answer.. quick quick.

Some random dude : EH!! how come you still here? Are`nt you suppose to be in Korea?

Alex : Soon.. what time is it now? SHIT!!!!! (copies without any hesitation).

Sigh.... I hate engineering assignments. I don`t know who I copy from. Probably, the person I copy don`t know who HE copy from.

There are still bits and pieces of my stuff. I don`t even know why I`m going...grumbles.

On the other hand, I do hope that things work out well.. both Asians, and my prep for final exam. So, off I go..........

A 'new' camera

Remember that 'asshole' who insist I pay RM 450 for 'damaging' his camera? I refused pay because I don`t think there`s anything wrong with the camera. So I ended up buying it for RM 600.

It`s not too bad of a camera, really. Except that it`s not my type, and it`s really bulky, It`s still a 7.1 Megapixel Canon A620 Powershot.

Only thing I`m really really really poor. I spend like RM 10000 this month. Though I`ll be getting most of the money back..... later. The university owes me like 7.6k. Bugger..Anyway, to test the camera, I took a picture of a picture Adelene drew for me.

Isn't it adorable.

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