Why study in MMU?

Claire had a long post on how beautiful Michigan is, with all the superb architecture and landscape. MMU of course, had none of them to brag about. I`ve acknowledge and accepted that long ago. Yet, despite how old and shabby it is, MMU remain beautiful, reflected by what actually made up a university... which is the people.

For some reason, everyone here seems to know one another, even without prior interaction. Maybe because the campus is so small, that we bump into each other, intentionally/unintentionally....

But yea, this happens. And it`s so easy to spark a conversation, or do anything at all. There are people around all the time, either mending the booth, giving fliers, rushing to classes, playing games, doing nothing.. and you can simply talk to anyone of them as if you knew them for years.

On Wednesday, after I finished one of my midterm, I saw someone playing basketball. Then I joined... and more people joined.. and we ended up playing till 1am. Who we played with, we stil had no idea. Who the basketball belongs to, no idea either. The best part, none of us are actually there to play basketball. We just happen to be there; for different reasons. One group was practicing Silat,one group was doing their drama practice, one group with the Indian cultural dance, the other, a performance dance for tomorrow`s event, GACC (Games Anime and Comic Convention). Pss... all this happen during the night, students here are very active.

We sat there, laugh at how ridiculous when that guy trying to dance para para, how silat member practice so hard, but ran away when the basketball rolled near them. We imitated the dance after watching them practice for 10 times. We laugh, we talk, we make fun of everything.... and we had no idea why we were doing this together. I probably still don`t know half of the names of the people I met that day. :p

When everyone left, I sat there pondering.... and it was at the very moment, I had never been surer, that I`ve chosen the right university.

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