Updates from Lion City

Things went horribly wrong right from the start.

I left my house bearly 5 minutes and I realised I forget to bring my Singapore dollars. I ended up changing 46 ringgit into 20 dollar, which of course, will get you nowhere in this place. Nevermind that.

I got rather annoyed with certain people jumping at every suggestion I made. I ended up leaving the table halfway and walk back to the hostel myself. More horror awaits there. The room`s aircond is dead. (p.s : those room does not have ceiling fans either). With that day 1 ended.

Day 2 started with only 3 hours of sleep. We stayed in one end of Singapore (Changi Area) and NTU is on the other end. Travel travel travel, we reach there... early. The one word we use to describe early debators = noobs!!!! Who the hell reaches early than the registered time. So we`re all sleepy, tired and grumpy. The 2 rounds doesn`t turn out that well either, at least not in my favour.

We got opposition for both rounds, and we screwed over by the goverment's set up. Motion 1 : This house will support civil uprising against oppresive regime. Fair enough. It can be Thailand, Myammar, Iraq, Sri Langka... so many perfect case study. And NO, they set it up in a Hamas-Fatah situation, saying we should support Fatah to take overthrow Hamas so we can guarantee Israel security. WTF!!!

Second debate was the same. Motion : THW give Radical clerics a platform. The gov created a lie, saying 2 iman`s were caught in Britain because they talk about poligamy, and build entire case upon that. Shrugs.... it was never an issue to begin with. You can voices out all you want in UK as long you don`t go saying Jihad is good. And that`s exactly what we`re saying, those who say Jihad is good should go to jail.

2 rounds, 2 losses...... with everything turns out to be a horrible twist of event, this really sucks.


Clairine 5:47 AM  

aiyo why all also bad news 1!

Tracie 2:01 PM  

wow..sounds like you had an awesome trip! ;)

btw, your tagboard sucks la!

Alex 2:52 PM  


sigh. I hate my tag board... which one shall I switch to?

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