I heard about this thing call the human biological clock. It explains cases where if you sleep 12am -8am everyday, any thing out of routine will make you body haywire. I didn`t know it works the same for emotions.

I`m feeling really random. Neither, happy, nor sad. Actually, I don`t feel like feeling anything. Just waiting to time to pass by. I`ll attribute this to the sudden changes my Thermodynamics mid term. It was initially schedule on last Monday. I was complaining because of the busy weekend and another exam on Tuesday. In fact, many of the Mechanical Engineering students didn`t sleep much just to prepare for this exam. (it`s the toughest subject this sem).

Then, few hours before the exam, we found out that the exam was postpone because some brilliant lecturer didn`t book the venue. The notice was like this :

Mid Term Test Postponement :
Dear Students,
Due to some miscommunications, there is no venue for tonite's mid term test. As such, the mid term test would be postponed. ( Most probably, next Monday) I apologise for any inconviniences caused.
Thank you.

Isnt next Monday E-tech midterm? Condusion and tension arises. Though at this point, everyone seem to be relieve and angry at the same time. Relief that the exam is not today, angry that we studied for this while we have another exam tomorrow.. and we still have to go through thermo in a date we`re unsure of.

A few hours later... another notice ( she seem to think that we check the bulletin every minute of our life.)

Mid Term Test Date_ To be announced :
Dear students,
Mid term test can't be held next Monday ( 26.06.07) due to the clash with Electrical Technology II examination. As there are a few tests for ME subjects next week ( Numerical Analysis, Measurement and Insturmentation) , I have to arrange the exam on this week , most probably Wednesday or Thursday. I will announce tomorrow. I am sure you have build up the momentum preparing for the exam, so keep up the hard work. All the best to you in the mid term test.
Now, it could be on Wednesday or Thursday... shite... but don`t we have replacement classes on Wednesday night? (I hope I give you an idea how many hours of classes we have to attend). So, on Tuesday, during the Workshop Technology midterm... an announcement :
Mid Term Test is on 21-03-2007 ( WEDNESDAY) :
Dear students,
The mid term test is finalised on 21.03.2007 ( Wednesday), 8-9.15 pm at Studio A and Studio B. Please check for your venue in the attached file. PLEASE DO REMEMBER TO BRING ALONG THE THERMODYNAMICS PROPERTIES TABLE (attached in my previous announcement). Sorry for hiccups and all the best in the test. Thank you.

An exam announcement during the exam. How great. Even more stressful, it`s tomorrow. Everyone panic and start to do their last minute revision.... and even more confusion.. what about our replacement classes?

About your replacement class for Strength of Mater :
Dear students,
I have discussed with Mr. Wong Kim Jye, he has agreed to move the replacement class on Wednesday night to the thermodynamics lecture slot from 3-5pm this Thursday (22.03.2007). Thus, the Thermodynamics lecture on this Thursday is taken up by Mr. Wong. Thank you.

Ooooo.. now we know... so everyone reaarange their plannings and prepare for tomororw exam.

and a few hours later (.what!! again?)

Dear students,
After getting some feedbacks from you and taking into consideration about your performance in the mid term test, I have decided to settle for a new date. Please note that the date is final and I hope that you are going to prepare well for the test.
Date: 7-04-2007 ( Saturday)
Time: 10- 11.15 am
Venue : To be announced
Thank you.

Great... just great.. now it`s suddenly push off to April. Tell me if you still have any mood to study.


Clairine 7:34 PM  

ahhahahahahah LMAO....

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