A picture says a thousand word.

And pictures I will have none. I sent my hp for repair. Most of the pictures in my blog are taken by that handphone. That also explains why most of the picture's quality are horrible.

But a blog without pictures are worst. I guess I just have to wait till it`s done.

Anyway, I`m going to Cyberjaya tomorrow to meet up with the chess club there. Time to forge close ties between sister campus. Actually, I just want them to come for my tournament in April. After I meet them, they will have no excuse to say no to us.. Mwahahahaha :P

Well, I`ll be back home tomorrrow (Kajang). Though, for reasons I don`t know of. In fact, all I`ll be doing is go home for dinner and leave the next day. Hardly worth it. But, I can`t tell my parents that I`m not going home when I`ve already made it all the way to Cyberjaya.

So guys, call me out on Saturday night okie :) <- those who stay in Kajang la......

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