I did a lot of thing the last 3 days that makes me never want to show my face in public again. Like :

1) How I lost to my 'junior' in a chess tournament on Saturday.

2) How I manage to achieve my record in achery tournament.... the record of my lowest score in a 30 meter shot. (23 points in 6 arrows)

3) How I thought I prepared myself for exam, even thought a bunch of group mates how to the tutorials and questions... and at the exam, I walk off the hall 20 minutes early, and realized I did a HUGE mistake 5 minutes later. (I think I put a '-' on the wrong alphabeth)

4) And the most embarrasing one... some one actually pass the link of that stupid video around and a lot people in my campus saw that video. Now random ppl came and said.. Hey I saw you on YouTube...

Alex hides*

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