Earthquake, again?

To be very frank, I won`t pretend that I`m deeply sadden this time. Though, that doesn`t change the fact that people still died, and hundreds injured.

The only effect we have here, is slight tremors. I don`t feel it at all, the whole of my campus were force to evacuate. Class were canceled for 24 hours. (I`ll need to replace 6 hours of them..dammit).

But what happens next? Especially those affect in Indonesia. More funds to be channeled in? More help... I wonder when the world will start saying,"sorry, our funds had run dry, there are no one willing to help anymore" because disaster`s are happening faster then the humanatarian aid can support.

True enough, the frequency of earthquake, hurricanes and floods are increasing. A lot. Read the symptoms... everyone already knows why. Only thing is, when will someone starts to do something about it.

*for those who still don`t know what I`m talking about, I`m refering to global warming.

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