Canon Rock

Those who knows me probably knows that I like the song canon very much. A little too much actually.

I played that on piano more than thousands of time (literally) in different variations. Then it occurs to me, wouldn`t it be cool if it can be played with a guitar.

Then Jerry C came up with his arrangement of canon rock 5 years ago.He instantly became famous with that video.....

Since I had an electric guitar at home.. I thought, why not.

Disclaimer : This video is not genuine. It just did it because I thought it`s cool. That`s what guitar is about anyway, isn`t it :P

Just for fun la.. since I don`t have photos to share.... do something dumb once a while is fun.


Anonymous 2:58 AM  

owhhh alex can i have ur autograph ...please please..please ..

Alex 12:06 PM  

can... if you buy me a drink and tell me who you are first.. lol.

Anonymous 1:18 AM  

walau!!! tats damn fake!!! wic idiot asked 4 autograph smmr???

Alex 5:16 PM  

i had no idea... i`ve already said that`s a fake video.

Anonymous 7:12 PM  

fake or not fake your good

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