An update at last?

I deeply regret my absences from this blog for a long long time. Its seems I lost the will to write anything at all. Partially due to the extremely horrible internet connection, my hectic schedule and some 'ppl'.

Anyone will actually if you have to chase one ppl for rm1850, make sure the other person be on duty, make sure another person do this and that, and the hardest part of all, make one person to shut up.

This minor minor troubles probably stress because I`m afraid. Yes, terribly. Last semester, I planned my schedule this semester and thought, it could be done. Now, I`m not so sure. I didn't take into account things like failing grades, outings, and novels. Just the a few days ago, I read one chapter of Harry Potter because I had 30 minutes to spare. It turns out that I can`t stop, (even though I`ve read the whole set 1-6 more than 4 times) and proceed to read everything again. That took me 3-4 days and it`s gone just like that.

And of course, it doesn`t help when I`ve no idea what the lecturer`s are teaching. It`s either I`m getting dumber or the lecturers getting suckiers. Though I doubt the later as they couldn`t have done any worse than they are doing right now. It`s probably because I`m turning 20, and becoming old... means I can`t learn and can`t study anymore.

I`m becoming mental.. yes mental... and anyone who wants to visit me will have to wait till June because end of this week, I`ll have to arrange a friendly tournament with Cyberjaya, then the next week I`ll go to Singapore for debate, and the next week, I`ll have to be the arbiter of some interschool tournament, and the week after, it`s another intervarsity I`ve to attend and the week after that, there`ll be the open chinese chess tournament, and the week after next will be the some tournament which I remembered I joined but I can`t remember and the week after next will be my International Chess open, and the week after next, the TPM open and the week after next, I probably be leaving for South Korea, All Asians, and the week after next.......

You know what, I totally forget I`m a student and I have exams to attend......
(Alex is diagnose with Alzheimer)

New Year Feast

You know those olden days, where celebration calls for 3 days and 3 nights, those sort of nonsense ; I didn`t realised that it`s actually very real.

This 7 days, I can be very proud saying that I celebrated this holiday to the max. Though, I can easily summed it up with 3 words ; alcohol, gambling and dota. It was tiring alright; going visiting to various places in one day, like balik kampung in the morning; friends house in the evening, and when I got back around 10pm, I go out again at 11 to play Dota with friends till about 5am.

And, I wake up around 9am, every single day. I always have something to do. Either going to so and so`s house, or party at this`s guys house, or dota at this cyber cafe. Though on Thursday, I did call up a few friend to go watch movie at time square. We stayed over there.

My aunt gave me an apartment for that night, and it was fantastic. The living room, the bath rooms, tv, hi fi, kitchen.... everything is just..perfect. And the bed!! it was like the most comfortable one I ever slept. I wish I could bring all of you there....
Actually I think I can.... I just need to beg my aunt.... haha.. anyone interested?

The days of sleepless nights.

Ok, it`s an odd replacement title for Happy Chinese New Year, but it is somewhat true. How would one sleep with so much fireworks and gambling going around. (actually the latter is more of a factor).

The fireworks display by the temple behind my house matches major shopping complex`s

I don`t really gamble much, except for cho tai te. Because I`m so sick of the other games, namely black jack, and when I`m sick of them, I usually lose money. Making me even sicker... and the loop goes on.

Before I crap on, I want to show you something.

Last Thursday, I was in Jonker with Adelene, Eo and her friends, Chung Hao, Eu Jin, Satomi (Japanese), and Yi Fei. We`re walking around and we saw this two big funny dude standong and laughing for nothing.

On new year`s eve, I was at Kajang, and I saw the same dude, shrinked but walking around Plaza Metro.

He looks like some pervert. Lol

I take back my words, he`s actually drunk....

Well yea, Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

Valentine`s Day

I don`t know how many people are expecting some fancy entries tonight. I can assure you that you`ll be dissapointed. Though, what really counts is my opinion, ain`t it :P

The reason why today is special, is because we do nothing special on a special day. It something that we share and enjoy every other normal ones. Watch anime together, going out for dinner, sneaking into other`s class.

Sure, we spent on a more expensive dinner, and ate ice cream. Oh ya, and we tried winning the huge ass mashimaro in the fun fair (which we didn`t). But, it`s something I would have done even if it`s not valentine`s day.

I`m glad we have reach this stage, where we don`t need a reason to celebrate. It`s valentine`s, everyday.

Life as a MMU student.

For no particular reason at all, I felt happy today. (though not now, because of some jerks). Everything seem so fine. It was as if, I`m living a normal student life.

I went to lab, on time, and it was a morning one, mind you. We had this lab on machines. Wore some funky apron and tested a few of those cutting/milling/drilling machines.

Aaron must be angry for having his picture taken while wearing an apron. :P

Me, playing with the cutting machine.

Went to tutorials. Being dumb and unable to solve simple questions. Randomly copied some guy whose name I never bothered to look.

Took picture with Adelene along the concourse.

And I said Hi no less than 20 times when I walk around the campus. I even recognize all of them. Stop a while, spent a minute or two.. not bad I tell you. Some how I felt like I know every single person in the university. *advantges of studying in a small campus.

It`s just the satisfaction, when people who pass by,be it classmates, club mates, lecturers, even staffs, simply recognize you, smiled and say hi.

*just to preserve this happy momments, I`ll not blog about those jerks.

What a wonderful world. Even 9am class tomorrow doesn`t bother me. :P

2nd Intervarsity Wushu Competition.

Phew, it`s finally over. Tiring I would say. The past few days was hell preparing it. Nevertheless, I think it was pretty well done. Sincerely, the Wushu society is pretty establish. They knew what to do, what to prepared, and they wasn`t much last minute preparation. The hall was done and clean up as soon as the event was over, leaving it cleaner than b4 we took

As for the event itself, TAR college swept most of the gold medals. They have 3 people that are really really gold and this people earn most of TARC's gold medal. We, we got the most Silvers. Go figure. Damm it. I can imagine their fustration. Compete in every category and in every category, they lag one place behind the same person. Though, as a consolation, we won them in a few categories, especially the team. Eat that, mwahahaha.. it`s shows MMU Melaka is better as a whole.. Blek.

Too bad most of the pictures is in some one`s cam. For now, only the lame ones. :)

Voices Party.

Sorry people for the lack of updates this week. As mention in my previous entry, I`m really tired. I`m not lying. For the past few days, I`ve been sleeping at 3am and waking up at 8, sometimes 9am due to preparations for the Wushu Intervarsity tournament, starting in another 5 hours time. (It`s 3 am now.)

Anyway, yesterday, Voices (the debating club) had a party, at my house..... We had Bombay`s Sapphire Dry Gin, Jamaican Rum, and they took my Peach Vodka :( . Sob sob...

They are about 20 people. I can`t remember all of their names. Though I`ll probably recognize them, maybe.

*Jon promoting the Jamaican Rum.

*Dale`s Bombay Sapphire.

There were a lot of things happen which unfortunately, was not capture on camera. (or at least my not my cam). Like how Siew became so red, some girl called him lobster. He then fell asleep and I took a marker and ........ go figure.

But I caught Amran and QJ trying to steal the food in the kitchen. Most of the food didn`t reach the living room. The people who cooked it ate them. (I`m one of them too).

It was fun to have ppl together and drink once a while. Alcohols are meant to be drank with people. Never alone. I`m glad that my Vodka help in making the party a success. We should have things like this every so often, don`t we.

The horrors of admistration.

To do a simple booth booking in the concourse area, one must go through hell. Really.

You`ll have to print out 3 forms ; fill them up 3 times for the same reasons and same details but addressed to different people, in different places!!!!


Even then, that`s not such a big problem. The concourse area is always booked; because there will always be once club that takes more than half of the entire place. Just one day after the booths are available, it`s gone. And that day is one week before the semester starts, i.e. during the holidays.

MMU students are crazy I tell you. They just have too much time to organize events. Get a life man. Ops.. I`m one of them. Yea yea, I have no life. Shoo shoo. go away.

Anyways, I had to run around the campus for 2 hours because I first carried the tables to arrange my booth, got screwed over by FMD for using the wrong tables, brings back the table to it`s original place (which is far and the tables are heavy), runs to SRC to get the form certified, runs to STAD to get the form certified then runs to FMD to get the forms certified. (SEE WHAT I MEANT!!).

So that`s for morning. By the time I`m done with all of this, it`s already afternoon, I`ve to go meet the director of STAD over some issues on Chess CLub. Going to request money.. (that I`m happy). That went perfectly well. Then went on the Voices and this mad guy said you must get top 8 in this ALL ASIANS Tournament else no more overseas tournaments for you guys.


That`s almost like saying straight " no more tourneys anymore. period". How can you expects us to just; be top 8. I never even been to an All Asians. Wait, I don`t even feel like going to All Asians, and this almost made my decision solid. Now I`ve to answer to the people who are going, and to the club... whether the club will still have the opportunity to go for future tournaments, like Australs and Worlds. I really really hope he`s just fucking around, or not I`m fucked.

And so, I`ve spent the whole day running around doing all this stupid things for clubs. And at the night, I got this reply from that bugger pissing at me because of the top 8 condition saying " why did you go and see him(refering to STAD director" . Oh, so now I`m going to be the scape goat eh. Which part of me did I done wrong, for appearing in front of him asking for the paperwork procedures? or just be in general. Find some one else to piss at.

I`m so tired. I`m just so freaking tired. and it`s just Monday.

Spring Cleaning and Edo`s Birthday Party

This morning, we clean the Care Club`s room, which now, belongs to Chess Club. (yes, I basically owns that room. Mwahaha.)

It was extremely messy. Papers were all over the place, cloths lying on the floor, dolls and toys mixing up with bags and shoes, books were scattered. It was hell. But thanks to Adelene, Fook Wing, Alex Liew and Wei Pin, the room was cleaned in less than 1 hour.

sweep sweep sweep.

No, they are not rubbish. There`s cloths in them, which left unsorted.

The amount of shoe left after we discarded more than 3 quarter of them.

Even our handmade arc were thrown away. How sad.

But in the end, the room is all clean!! happy happy.

Now with cleaning done, let`s move on to the night`s event, Edo`s bday. He posted his invitation in his blog, invited any and everyone. His house turns into some sort of kenduri kahwin, with tents on the outside. I could easily say there were at least 70 people there.
The amazing thing is, the parents cooked all the food themselves, and all the guest received presents also (like a kenduri kahwin la..)

Let`s talk about something more peculiar; Edo`s bday present. Take a look at the picture`s closely.

Guess what`s on the table. Can`t see.. let me zoom the picture.

They are all totoros!!! Everyone bought him the same doll because he likes it so much. I swear my sister get less soft toys than him. Anyways, happy 21st birthday Edo.

Camping at the beach - plannings

To all fellow friends.

Alex hereby intends to organize a 2 days 1 night camp to a certain beach along the west coast. Though where,when and how are still yet to be determined.

I always had this idea of camping on a nice beach, just for a short while. We`ll drive up there, set up camps, go swim swim, set up bon fire, bbq, play poker/ cards till late midnight.. sleep and leave tomorrow. A relatively simple trip but with the best of companies.

It was until I chat with Loo Sze Ping aka Lousy Pig (sorry, couldn't help it) that I thought that this plan might really be feasible after all. I`ll just need to get the directions to the beach (which I reach by kayaking and not driving), rents/buy some camps, get transport and get people. Chinese New Year holiday is really close...we might as well as go for a camp instead of going house to house, just sitting, drinking coke, and collect ang pau.

Of course, I`ll need help. Right now,

1) Tents? where to find.
2) Directions?

and I`m not even too sure whether if it`s safe to be at the beach by ourself. If there`s more than 10 I suppose it`s ok. Damm, I`m excited for nothing.

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