Shopping in Low Yat

I can spend hours there. Walking around and around, checking out the latest product and the prices. But what I usually do is to grab stuff that are sold at dirt cheap price; like a somic headphone. At RM 10, I would expect it to be horrible and uncomfortable. When I try it at home, it`s the total opposite. The quality suprised me.. and it`s really comfortable; one that I don`t my wearing for hours.

Should have bought more of those.

Meawhile, other prices have gone down. 19 inch LCD can be obtain at 700+. P4 3.0hz computer together with monitor at 900+.....

Pen drive 1gb now cost rm 40. And it had gone smaller and smaller. From pen drive, they introduce the mini, now the nano... damm apple wanna-be.

The laptop which I bought 2 months ago, for that same price, I can get a core duo instead of Turion 64.

I suppose everything will be cheaper and better..... that the way it should be.


Clairine 12:23 PM  

i'm thinking of getting a new laptop. recommend?

Alex 12:31 PM  

how old is your laptop. If it`s pentium 4 and above, no point changing it. If you want better performance, just upgrade it`s ram. That should be more than enough.

Besides, quod core for laptop is coming out, so all the more reason not to get anything now.

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