Pictures of Constuct Camp in Port Dickson-Bukit Sepoi

The camp was miserable because of this 2 person.

Name : Siti

Famous Quote : " I don`t know"

Name : Pak Abor

Famous quote : "{all the foul language}"

Those people made almost everyone look as miserable as me.

even our meals were miserable because all we get is bread and jam...

and 60 ppl suppose to use only one toilet.

and we feed mosquito in these places for more than 2 hours.

but in the end, it`s worth it, because of this views.

Man, I want to come this place again, without them.


Clairine 12:21 PM  

the place looks quite beautiful, or is it that ur photo-taking skills improved d?

Alex 12:27 PM  

the place is quite nice. I took it with a phone cam. It`s nicer with your naked eyes. Wish I could take everyone there for a short holiday

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