Pesta Catur USM ke 13

Needless to say, we lost.

Though it`s not something unexpected. The trip serve it`s purposed. Was suppose to go there to forge ties with USM and to see how an open tournament suppose to run. Kenny and Min Ting from USM teams were very very helpful and kind. They took care of our accomodation and travels; even fetch us to the biggest shopping mall in Penang, Queensbay. We can`t thank you enough.

Coming back to the tournament; we went one of the top teams in round 1. We got beaten flat; except for some very weird/lucky/out of the world upset by Jeff. He did a sudden checkmate which he didn`t anticipate himself. Lol... that`s some thing you don`t find everyday.

In short we met ;

Round 1 - Seeded No 5 team; who we stayed with in the same room in hostel, not knowing that they were this good.

Round 2 - Team from UniKL;

Round 3 - A team of 4 girls.

Round 4 - Another uncles team

Round 5 - A team of 4 boys

Round 6 - A team whom players about the same age as us.

Round 7 - Another small boys team.

It`s interesting to note, that we played with under 15 kids three times in this tournament. And we didn`t get of easy. We drew 2-2 with all three teams. This kids I tell you, knows more than I do. Here`s some those I played with.

The girl from Round 2.

Super cute aint she. I asked her to smile. While playing she`s really scary, and aggresive.She only 7 years old. So it`s not really such a big deal that I got an easy win on this.

Didn`t ask for his age. Very serious player. I cracked my head the most playing with him. Very careful till the end. He was in the advatange for 1 hour 20 minutes. It was only during the last 10 minutes he made a minor mistake. But due to time pressure, I too made a horrible mistake, giving back the advantage to him. Then I use the sneaky castle and did a suprise back rank checkmate. Even more funny than my game with Gwo Liang. (those who knows, knows what I meant).

11 years old boys. He played with me on the very last round, where I lost most of my motivation to play due to losing the round before. ( I was playing for the best board). His team had a coach and therefore, very well trained. In fact, he even knew what`s my opening called, where I myself didn`t know until form 5. He even said I played it wrongly. Scary.

He won me.. grrrr. But to redeem myself, that was the only mistake I did in the tournament. He continued the game with me, and I`m satisfied that in the end, I won. Mwahahaha, a wrongly played Kings Gambit pawns you!!! (Alex being childish).

It`s good that I somehow maintain my pride not losing to kids. Playing with them somehow reminds me when I just started playing. I missed those days, with Aqtar and Jin Ian playing by my side. We`ve have never lose as a team before. But I`m afraid, those days will never come again. Well, time to move on. I`m sure we can train up a proper team here too. Go MMU Melaka.


Clairine 12:22 PM  

so kiut!

Alex 12:33 PM  

cute leh!!! hahaha... I hope my competition will have even more of them. (damm I sound like a phedophile)

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