A new semester.

This will be my sixth semester, the last semester of Beta year. I can`t say that I`m all fired up for this coming sem. In fact, I`m quite afraid of it. Everything it`s well planned. I can already see what I`m going to do for the next 4 months. Maybe that scares me. Or more likely, I`m just afraid of not meeting my own expectations.

For activities, this sem is really really scary. It`s the 3rd semester, natuarlly, all the events will be concentrated here. For events that I`ll be involved in organizing, mmu wushu intervarsity, GACC, Voices Melaka highschool debate and mmu chess open. And for tournaments, there will be the IIU league debate, some pre-Asians debate, chess tournaments, achery tournaments... to be frank, I can`t even name all of them. Not to mention a few prom night that Adelene would love to go too.

Of course, the big ones are All Asians Debate in South Korea, and MAKSUM, (malaysian intervarsity chess tournament) during May. The problem with this two tournaments is that, you need to go through shit loads of preparation and even worst, the two tournament fall during the examination period.

I admit I had been overconfident on my academics. I also believed myself capable of shouldering any responsibility and still perform academic wise. In fact, I`ve shyed away many kind advise of asking my to drop my club activity. I refused. As a result, my grades are going downhill. The last A- I got was the last straw. I never want to screw up another sem. I definitely must get better results than my first 2 semester.

So I`m torn into half, which one should I pioritize, do I want 4.0 so badly that I`ll forfeit everything else, or should I pretend that I`ll still be able to do both. Maybe I`ll give this semester a try.. and see. If I can`t cope, I`ll drop everything next year.


Clairine 12:21 PM  

4.0 ain't everything

Alex 12:29 PM  

of course it`s not. But it`s something. Well, I can`t get it anyways since I already screwed up 2 semsester. The most can get also is 3.97 like that if I get A for the rest of my exams

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