Is it over yet?

I thought semester is over. I definitely don`t feel it at all. Maybe because I screwed up the last paper, so I don`t get any satisfaction of accomplishment. No no, I`m not taking supps. It won`t be that bad.... I hope.

Anyway, the start of holidays means I`ll have to get back to (clubs) work. 2 meeting tomorrow night, and I don't know what for. List the down the things I have to do. (damm, y must I keep doing this).

1) Look through again all the remaining orphanages that I`ve not yet visit, and see to their needs.

2) Visit all budget hotels, to find a location so I can dump, I mean place all the participants the chess open tournament. If only MMU have enough toilets to fit all of them.

3) Write proposals for the chess tourney. Some unreliable committee members can`t be reach, so I even have to do their part... Oh ya, and invitation letter too.. *plagiarizing might save the day.

4) Visit Melaka's Education Department to get them to send invites to all secondary school student. *yea..that desperate.

5) Think of an opening catchy opening ceremony for Wushu Intervarsity. I already had an idea, what about throwing the lion`s head at the clubs advisor. It`s Lim Tuck Meng you know, I know some people dislike him. ( I don`t, mind you... he`s not too bad of a lecturer.. just a little anal).

6) Get a complete list of wushu committee and assign them to respective duties. (how many ppl it takes to guard a VIP`s toilet.. I wonder. It takes 4 just to serve them drinks. brrr)

7) Settle Voices room booking for the next semester.

8) Form a team to go for a chess tournament in USM. THAT PLACE AGAIN!! NOOOOOO. Ive been to USM 3 times in less than a quarter of a year.

Hey, I think that`s all.... that`s not too bad.. it`s not even 10!... *Alex faints

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