Flood again?

It seems this time, it`s worst then the last. I really really really feel sorry for them. Barely able to recover from the last flood, it happen again.

Red Cresent had ask for help and volunteers. I`m giving serious thought of volunteering. But I`m worried of being a nuisance. Physically, I`m not the best person to be there. I`ve no knowledge in flood crisis management. Neither do I have anything to offer (financial included).

Being there, I`ll just use up another person`s resources. Resource that can feed another person. But I still want to help if possible, some way. What can I do.


Clairine 12:23 PM  

aiyor shouldn't think that ur a nuisance la

Alex 12:32 PM  

but I am, in the end I didn`t do anything. hopeless idiot.

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