Construct camp 06/07

I left my pictures in malacca!!..what an idiot. Forget to save it into my pendrive....

All is left is words, hopefully I`ll be hardworking enough to uploads some pictures in the future. (you would want to see the pictures I took of the sunset by the beach.)

We left for the camp in Port Dickson, at 10pm Tuesday. 10 pm!!! and only on the bus we were told that there will be no rest the whole of next day.. starting midnight to the next midnght. Crazy, I were already dead sleepy before I board the bus because I didn`t sleep much on Tuesday.. now I`ve to strech another 24 hours.

We had a miserable night/morning, listening to pointless talk, and going hungry.We had only 2 pieces of bread and sugar water for breakfast. (after 12 hours of starvation.). And this camp is suppose to be a leadership camp.. not survival.

The horror continues when we spent 4 hours doing nothing but waiting to be transported to our initial trekking spot. The place we waited was filled with mosquito.... I`ve never seen so many mosquito in one area in my entire life.

The trekking start at 10.30 am. I suppose that`s were the fun begin. We`re suppose to trek through rubber estate, palm oils plantation and some small jungle. We trek all the way back towards malacca. Then just about the border, we kayak to Bukit Sepui which is in the state of Malacca. The journey took about 9 hours.

The Bukit Sepui beach is fantastic. It doesn`t not have the white sandy beach like those in Redang Island, but for a beach on the west coast, I would say it`s superb.The views were clear, Nothing on the sea till the horizon. I watch the of the few occasions where I get the oppoturnity to do so.

We spent the night there with much joy because there`s a sundry store nearby and we won`t go hungry and thirsty. The aunty was happy too because all her drinks were sold out. (not even soya bean was left).

It was raining but we slept like a log because the last time I slept was 40 hours ago. Happy happy. We kayak back all the way to our initial camp site at Port Dickson. Takes only abut 2 hours. Of course, by then I couldn`t feel my hand and fingers as it has all gone numb. Way pass pain and fatique.

The activity that followed were more relaxing. We had flying fox and abseiling. Too bad I didn`t take the pictures for abseiling. We jump off the cliff at 50 feet above sea level, by the seaside. Superb view. At night, some boring speech by some bas**** who don`t know what he`s talking about.

Friday is the last day we`re here. The inadequate sleep and water have taken a toll on me. I felt giddy when I woke up and all I want is to sleep. But we woke up 6am in the mornign none the less. We then jog from the camp site to the town and then do some push ups there and then jog back. All those took slightly more than an hour. Reminds me of a school marathon. After that was the closing ceromony and we went home in the late evening.

I suppose the only thing that went all wrong was organization. It was really messy. We spent more than 10 hours waiting and waiting. We`re told to bring the required things, and the committee don`t even know what they`re suppose to do. The only answer they will provide is " I don`t know".

If this camp was a survival camp instead of a leadership camp, I would have gladly say, I enjoyed it.

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