Common Grounds

Long time ago, I`ve a chat with this girl. I believe the conversation started after she saw my picture with Adelene.

Her : Ohhh
Her : Seperti pinang dibelah dua
Me : wa.. really or not
Her: ya lah
Me : but she very very tall :(
Me : as tall as me
Her: Nevermind two got two things in common.
Her: 1. Both of you are shorter than your sis

2. Both of you are taller than me
Me : lol...


Jokes aside. I really felt like blogging about what happen a few hours ago. It was a long conversation, so by shortening it to few paragraph, no one will fully understand the context of our discussion. But frankly speaking, I don`t care.... it serve as reminder when I read back in the future. And that`s good enough.

Today, during dinner, Me and my friends had started talking about clubs and all, then we came to a topic lots of Malaysian should be interested in; Racial Intergration. A subject that everyone seem to make lots of noise, but don`t really know what is it about.

I myself didn`t really understand it. During the converstation, we both had different stance. I`m ok with Racial Tolerance, while he`s pushing for Racial Intergration. A hour gone by discussing lots of things. Even side tracking to Bush, Saddam and Osame.

But what I really got me thinking was when he spoke about trust. When he mention, if just we had more trust in each other ; if the Malays can trust a Chinese to become PM and will still take care of them....

Selfish as it seems, I always thought that this is a problem with the Malays and their system. You know, for insisting that a bumiputra, or a malay guy to be put high up in the seats. We always question, why not a chinese can take up post like the prime minister. Why can`t the Malays just let that happen.

Then again, let`s question ourself... Even in daily conversation, people talk about the affirmative action.. how the bumiputras are being proctected and given privelages. We whine about this,and we whine about that. How can we now blame them for not trusting the Chinese for taking such crucial post. Everyone wants to feel safe, and secure... and that`s perfectly justified.

It`s not a war between races... in fact, we should do away with races.. and treat everyone as just humans. But for know, the only way to achieve that, is to create trust.....

How to achieve that is still a big puzzle to me. At least now, I know it`s something that I should put some effort into.

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